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Provident Living Ministries

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Integrated Leadership Development involves training leaders in the local church so that they can lead their own church to spiritual maturity. Such a mature church is able to plant other churches, helping these churches to be established and helping to train their leaders. In this way a process is started which can continue independently.

This approach is effective and affordable. It also has the advantage that the influence of the training has an immediate impact on the activities of the local church. Leaders are trained in their own environment and do not have to leave their homes and professions to be trained elsewhere. 2. Integrated Leadership Development aims to lead the whole person to spiritual maturity. A spiritually mature person should not only have knowledge, but also skills to live a Christian life of service as well as a Christ-like character to back it up. At the same time the training aims to break down the spiritual / secular divide so that faith can be integrated into all areas of life. People who have gone through the training should not only be equipped to make a more significant contribution to their local church, but should also be able to understand better how to apply biblical principles to their work, business or profession.


To see many churches in Malawi train their own and other leaders for Biblical ministry. OUR MISSION: to make, mature and mobilise an apostolic people for today's world OUR FOUNDATION VALUES to be Christ-centred through: true worship and prayer sound biblical teaching highly relational fellowship equipping the saints for ministry and mission networking with the worldwide Body of Christ OUR STRATEGY: developing a network of cell groups in relational unity and sharing a distinct mission focus

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