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Sons Of Allen

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to seek out and save the lost, and serve the needy through a continuing program of (1) Preaching the Gospel (2) feeding the hungry, (3) clothing the naked, (4) housing the homeless, (5) cheering the fallen, (6) providing jobs, (7) administering to the needs of those in prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, mental institutions, caring for the sick and shut-it, and socially disturbed; encouraging economic advancement. Warren A.M.E. Church is a part of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The A.M.E. Church is the First and oldest African-American Institution in America. Founded in 1787. The Origins of African American Methodism Richard Allen (1760-1831) was born a slave in Philadelphia. In his early twenties, he and his brother joined the Methodist Society and started going to classes with John Gray (their class leader). Their owner allowed them to attend meetings, as well as hold them in his home. He eventually converted to Methodism and permitted Richard to buy his and his brother's freedom for $2,000 in continental money in 1783. The next year, the first conference of the Methodist church in the U.S. made Allen an ordained minister. During the next two years, he served as an itinerant preacher. While preaching at Saint George's Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia in 1786, an incident of racial prejudice occurred that started him working for the establishment of an independent Methodist church for black members. These black members purchased an old blacksmith shop, and move it to a lot on the corner of Sixth and Lombard Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they organized Bethel AME Church (also called Mother Bethel) in 1794. Between 1815 and 1830, Richard Allen worked as a leader of free Blacks in the north. In 1816 the African Methodist Episcopal Church formed, uniting congregations of blacks in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. In 1817, Allen's Bethel AME Church hosted the first general mass meeting by Blacks to protest the deportation policies made by the American Colonization Society. Ordained by the Anglo-American bishop Francis Asbury of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Allen became the first bishop of the new denomination, a post he held until his death in 1831. Immediately after the American Civil War (1861-1865), the denomination sent missionaries into the South. Largely through their labors, the membership increased in ten years from 70,000 to 390,000. The African Methodist Episcopal Church reported 2.5 million members and 6,200 separate congregations in 1999. It is the second largest Methodist denomination in the United States.

The Purpose of the Sons Of Allen

The Purpose The purpose of The Sons of Allen of Warren African Methodist Episcopal Church Shall be as stated within Article II of The Constitution of The Connectional Men's Fellowship; noted in the Doctrine and Discipline of the A.M.E.C. The purpose of the organization shall be: (condensed form) To lead men to accept Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior; To organize all A.M.E. men into Christian Fellowship; To develop A.M.E. men in the skill of prayer, evangelism, and Christian Stewardship; To teach the men of Warren A.M.E. the history, aims, beliefs, and program of the Church. To encourage Christian worship and Bible study; To enlist and develop men as leaders and role models for the youth of the Church; To encourage A.M.E. men to engage in community, state, national and world affairs as Christian citizens; To promote the participation of A.M.E. men in the work of the local and Connectional Church in keeping their abilities, interests, and time schedule; To encourage all Warren A.M.E. men to aid in creating a sense of aChristian community within inter-church & connectional activities; To encourage our men to become witnesses for Christ in their daily occupation; To create a conscious loyalty to the TOTAL program of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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