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VENGALRAO NAGAR 2LANE, ARUNDELPET (P.O) • GUNTUR, ANDHRA PRADESH 522002 • India • 011-91-9440432697/see/charmin/CM09347

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Jesus christ is the Lord and the son of God

Dear christian brothers and sister my name pastor L.jaya prakash s/o Rev. L. clarence from india. my father have been doing ministry from 33 years onwards . we have church name called THE LAND OF SHARON CHURCH OF INDIA. My dad started this church in the year of 1980 by the vision from God. we are doing ministry in the state called Andhra Pradesh and in the city called Guntur. our ministry was registered by the indian government our registration number is 261/86. we are independent church. we can go any where in india and start ministry government gave that authority to us. we have work in 25 villages 25 pastors are working with us. we are doing ministry by faither. we dont have any help from any other organisations. i am 25 years young man dedicated my life to serve that Lord jesus christ and iam working as an assistent pastor in the church. As you all no indian is a pagan land we have to lift the name of jesus christ here in india and bring the lot of souls un to christ jesus by conduction village meetings and city crusades and enrgiging the pastor with the conferences.

showing the love of christ in the nations

As i said we dont have any support to do all this things. lot of poor children are here in our area. we dont any thing to do for them if some one support our ministry we can do greater for the Lord jesus here in india. we have every day chain prayer groups in the church. if you have any prayer requests please send it to our e mail so that we will be praying for you all. e - mail is continue to pray for us and for our ministry. waiting for ur reply. pastor L.jaya prakash from india. we are doing ministry faith the Lord is doing greater things like healing wonders and deliverence to the people from the devil spirits. doing greater things in the midst of hindu people. Our Lord God name will be glorified through all this works.

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