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Trinity Christian Bible Institute

P. O. Box 2412, • Homewood, IL 60430 • United States • 708.957.0728/see/charmin/CM09344

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TRINITY CHRISTIAN BIBLE INSTITUTE is not the school for you............ If you simply want a fast-track to credentials... If you're more interested in ego than information.... If you are comfortable with a stuffy, strictly academic approach to theology.... If you can afford the expense and time required for seminary.... If you want to cling to empty traditions, denominational prejudices, and personal opinions. HOWEVER, if you've been praying for a dynamic, Spirit-motivated Bible Institute that maintains the integrity of the Word, a school dedicated to your education and spiritual development, TRINITY is the place for you! We obliterate the impromptu, "shoot-from-the-hip" approach to Bible study and replace it with a POWERFUL systematic process, producing extraordinary results! While our curriculum is challenging, we are not a seminary. We present the Bible so that each and every student, regardless of his or her academic level, can obtain a deeper knowledge of the Word of God. Our students leave with the ability to skillfully deliver the Word of God; we advocate trustworthy apologetics, legitimate contextual analysis, and reliance on the Holy Spirit for illumination. Our approach to Bible study results in an intimate walk with the Savior. God has blessed this Institute to produce an army of confident, knowledgeable, life-long students of the Bible, both laymen AND clergy who LOVE GOD and HIS WORD! Join us........You will be delighted that the Holy Spirit led you to TRINITY CHRISTIAN BIBLE INSTITUTE. We guarantee it! For your convenience, we offer extended learning courses, via Teleconference Classes and Independent Studies. Ask about our HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE SEMINARS, ESCHATOLOGY WORKSHOPS, JEWISH CUSTOMS AND CULTURE classes, CLERGY TRAINING SEMINARS and more. Our curriculum is comprehesive and EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE. Contact DR. ANDRENA LANE TROTTER at 708.957.0728 and ask about our Biblical and Ministerial Studies Certificate programs. Visit our main website at Send your email to WINTER 2007 CLASSES BEGIN JANUARY 22nd!


Pastors, Education Directors, Sunday School Superintendents, Bible Study Leaders.....If you have a group of 15 or more, Trinity will come to your facility with a one-day seminar, workshop, or our entire Biblical/Ministerial Studies Certificate programs. We serve the entire Chicagoland area and we conduct workshops and seminars all over the USA and Canada. Don't delay! Contact DR. ANDRENA LANE TROTTER at 708.957.0728. Send your email to WE'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!

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