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The Circuit Preacher

677 Beaver Creek Rd., • Bluff City, TN 37618 • United States • 423 - 389 - 3822/see/charmin/CM09328

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Preaching the Good News

I have been called by God to preach the truth of His Word across the United States of America, and to reap where we have not sown. My ministry is dedicated to the preaching of the gospel to where ever God will send me. I am not afraid of the "hard" places to preach,I have preached God's Word in jails, rescue missions, as well in the pulpit of churches. I am committed to raising the standard of holiness and righteous living to our churches, across this land. I am committed to His purpose and to His purpose only. And I have no other agenda than to serve God in any way that He may lead.

For Preaching Appointments:

If you would like to have Preacher Joseph Lennox, to come and preach at your Church or Community for a Revival or any occasion, please feel free to contact me at or or you can reach me at 423-389-3822. I preach under the Anointing of God. Preacher Lennox has studied under powerful anointed Preachers. May God Richly Bless You Is My Prayer.

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