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Christ for Morocco Fellowship

No 3 Rue Aalami, Kasbah des Oudayas • Rabat, Oudaya 10000 • Morocco • 011 69781069/see/charmin/CM09323

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Christian Mission in a Forbidden, Muslim Land

My wife and I live in Morocco. We keep our home open for all, as a mission, though, we cannot say this here because it is against the law for Anyone to convert from Islam to Christianity.

There is one church in Rabat, a Catholic Church. After the message, my wife, Hanane, heard the priest's invitation for classes for those wishing to join.

After mass, Hanane asked the priest about taking the class for membership. The priest said, "I cannot do this because you are a Muslim." I asked him, "Wait, she has become a Christian!" And the priest replied, almost in a whisper so as not to be heard by the Moroccan security agent, cleaning the pews (agents poise as helpers in churches), saying, "Haven't you read the papers?"

I replied, angrily, "Haven't you read the Bible?"

Since then, now - one year later - I continue to live in Morocco. My wife is a Christian, no thanks to this priest. My aunt who is a Believer in the Church of God, as my Mother, sent us Bibles in the mail. Miraculously, Customs did not confiscate them. Aunt Julie sent us candles, too, saying we can take communion ourselves, and use the candles.

My wife and I teach pray with those who wish to understand our forbidden faith, and teach them in private to learn more about Jesus. We are ourselves spirit filled Christians.

In Morocco, there IS freedom of religion. Any foreigner may attend church or synagogue, this is allowed. But for a Moroccan to become a Believer? This is against the law. Right now it is the Muslim fast of Ramadan. Were my wife, Hanane, seen eating during the fast? She could be jailed. If she were to convert (which she has), the Shria (Muslim) law states that execution is allowed should a Muslim convert to Christianity, or Judaism.

We are needing financial help to further our work here and we ask you to please remember our work in your prayers. Blessings from Morocco, Tod & Hanane Zankert

My Wife Hanane & I are Ill in Morocco

My wife Hanane and I are both ill. (You may write my Aunt or my Mother (their emails are below) for confirmation of this, if you like.)

We acquired a serious staf infection, Staphylococcus aurcus (MRSA), commonly called boils. It is antibiotic resistant, though, I am told by my aunt along with a nurse in the states, that we need IV antibiotics. I need to return soon to America to be hospitalized for this, and also get papers for my wife finalized so she can join me there for treatment as well. Because Hanane is five months pregnant, our situation is rather perilous. We need urgent help if we are to survive this staf and then, return to Morocco to continue our ministry. We are probably the only Christian missionaries in this country, let alone this region. We feel that we do is of real value, especially in these times. My aunt is offering me air miles to get to the states, but my family does not have the means for me to stay at a hospital. Also, I sell necklaces made by hand here in Morocco on eBay. You may view this link to a carved cross from the Sahara: I sell artisanal items from Morocco to support my wife and I. This pays immediate expenses. At present we need also need enough for dressings for our wounds, antibacterial soaps and basic medical care for my wife to see doctors, mainly for her pregnancy. At times, I have read the words, By his stripes you are healed. We claim healing in the name of Jesus. Yet for nearly a year the infection has continued. My mother wrote recently, saying: "God brings people into our lives and works through them many times." I believe she is right. After all, if we are healed by his wounds on his body, are not we now a part of his body - the body of Christ, the Church? I can but ask you, also in the body of Christ, to present this Message from Morocco to your congregation. Once my wife, Hanane & I get well in America, I would be very happy to visit your church and share with you about our lives here in Morocco and what it is like to live as a Christian in an Islamic Kingdom. In Christ, Tod & Hanane Zankert For Confirmation of all that is above, you may write: Julie Zankert at: Marilyn Millard (my Mother) at:

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