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Emet Torah Educational & Training Ministry

, • Lawrenceville, GA • (678) 373-1750http:///see/charmin/CM09301

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Rev. Richard Miranda, President
Rev. Betty Albert, Vice President
(678) 373-1750


Emet Torah Educational & Training Ministry, Inc.

Emet Torah Educational & Training Ministry is a teaching ministry based on the Hebrew Holy Scriptures and the Letters from Rebbe Yeshua's Students, known as the New Testament.

Several levels of Hebrew classes are offered for beginners & the more advanced students; we start off by explaining Why Learn Hebrew?

Additionally, seminars on a variety of topics are offered to ministers, and leaders. Topics include:

1) Lashon Hara - The Evil Tongue (Basic and Advanced)
2) Foundation of Values
3) Kindness
4) Prophets and Prophecies
5) Israel and What is Written
6) Lamentation Search and Rebirth
7) Genesis
8) Job - Why Do the Righteous Suffer and the Wicked Prosper
9) Proverbs
10) Psalms
11) The End Times (Daniel & Revelation/Apocalypse)
12) Our Jewish Roots
13) Exegesis Hermeneutics and Homiletics
14) Seven Noachide Laws
15) Benavarah - And Pure of Heart

For further information please call us at:

(678) 373-1750

Or write via e-mail at:


It's our hope to bless the People of Israel, edify the congregation of Rabboni Yeshua the Messiah, and reach the Nations with the Wisdom and Good News of the Hebrew Holy Scriptures and the Letters.

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