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Life Care Network Cameroon

P.O. Box 856, • Bamenda, North West Province 237 • Cameroon • 2377596481/see/charmin/CM09258

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Life Care Network Cameroon promotes abstinence education and seeks to create awareness on the sanctity of human life and the after-effects of pre-and extra-marital sex, abortion, STDs, HIV/AIDS, abuse and other health minimising lifestyles on children, women, men, the family and society in: Schools, Youth Groups, Women Groups, Hospitals, Clinics, Churches etc.


Life Care Network Cameroon offers Christian healthcare, marriage & family counseling, nutrition counseling, parenting classes and bible studies. We also provide information, advice, pregnancy tests, pre-birth counseling and practical help(baby clothes, equipments, etc) to women, their partners and families facing an unexpected pregnancy and reach out with emotional and spiritual healing to those hurting following miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, cot death or any form of early infant death. In addition, we organise training seminars and workshops and also make available timely and proven Christ-centered resources on general family health, including Focus on the, US Radio Broadcasts which we air daily on a popular Christian Radio Station. In order to help the poor and needy become economically empowered, we provide self-help and/or vocational training in: dress making, food and nutrition, computer studies, carpentry, mechanics, and other skills. Life Care Network Cameroon is affiliated with CARE(Christian Action Research &, and Heartbeat, USA and was founded in 1995 by Pastor David C. Ngwa with the advice and encouragement of Mrs Joanna Thompson, Rev Lyndon Bowring and Rev A Ntungwen.

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