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No area in the world has such diversities and concentration of UNREACHED PEOPLE
T H O U S A N D M I L L I O N S !
1000 Million Population
20 Million increases every year
20% World Population Lives in India
300 Major Ethnic Groups
60000 Village Communities
300 Million live below bread line
Income/person 300 i.e. 2% of USA
1658 Languages (16 ) official languages
Literacy 36% (official) Actual...?
One church for 200 Villages
350 Literal languages 36 Bible Translations
Any where in the world? No! No! No!
Hindus 62% Muslim 12% Others 3%
1 % Catholics 0.7% Protestants 0.3% Evangelicals
Out of 0.3 % Evangelicals, How many soul burdened ?
1000 Million Population, 0.1 Million Missionaries
when & How we will reach?
In most of the states Christians are stagnating even declining in percentage.
Discriminatory legislation in states against religious minorities and convert.
Hundreds of churches , Missionaries, workers, even nuns are attacked
Anti conversion bills passed in few states and Proposed to introduce in many states.
Now.... the doors are opened !!
Let us reach the 1000 Millions with the LOVE OF JESUS
1/5 th World Population ! 1/20 th World Missionary Force!
INDIA ! A NEGLECTED CONTINENT ! Do you have burden for India?
Let us reach the un reached Indians !
Garment India Ministries,
6 KPG Nagar, Sulur, Coimbatore 641 402
Tele : 91 422 2687489 Mobile 098947 71101
If you have mercy
on the suffering mankind ?
Come ! let us help them together !!
Thousands of boys & girls are roaming in the streets!
Do you really want them to be saved?
Thousands are starving without food!
Do you like to feed a few daily ?
Thousands are sleeping in the platforms!
Would you like to provide a shelter to sleep?
Thousands are living in unhygienic huts!
Would you like to improve the living condition of people?
Thousands are living in dark!
Can you provide one light for one home ?
People walk miles for a bucket of drinking water!
Can you provide a bore well?
Thousands die without medicine !
Can you afford medicines for the dying poor?
Thousands still live with half dressed!
Can you provide some dresses?
Many could not go for schools because of poverty!
Can you provide some helps for poor children to study?
Thousands lives without employment!
Can you provide them some help to earn them selves?
Thousands of young women become widows!
Can you help them to live faithfully?
Thousands of handicapped are begging!
Can you provide them artificial limps, etc?
Thousands of people are begging!
Can you provide some helps to the beggars?
Thousands of young girls could not get marry because of no money!
Can you help them to get marry?
Then we are here to help you help them....

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