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The Board of Trustees, 3A Morgan Street • TREDEGAR, Blaenau Gwent South Wales NP22 3NA • United Kingdom • 01495-723244/see/charmin/CM09190

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We are a registered charity that promoted the spiritual development of individuals without denominational boundaries, in a faith based Christian context that allows individuals to grow and develop.

We also promote healing, counselling and learning as a key ministry. We train people professionally to this unique ministry by offering competence based training that is accredited and provides safe guidelines and insurance to be good wholesome practitioners.

We are growing fellowship groups and have an established church in Pontypool and a new one opening its doors in Tredegar. We also have house groups in other areas where inter-faith/denominational dialogue brings a fresh and dynamic approach to faith and Jesus Christ and His will for humankind.

We are able to train our own ministers and leaders and provide for those who are exploring there calling. Some even starting out on new faith inspired building of ministries that bring many to a fresh and growing spirituality.


We welcome those who freely want to explore dialogue with us, or seek a way to develop there own spirituality or revive their calling and faith in Jesus.

We are inclusive and welcome everyone who comes to our activities, without prejudice or consepts of who they are are wish to be. We leave the changes to the Holy Spirit, under the care of the love He brings to our work as it touches the hearts and lives of others.


Look in and look up, If you seek Him (God)with all your heart, you will find him! We are simply here to point the way like a candle in the darkness leads to the light!


We have two full-time ministers and two deaconess' who provide for the ministry of the fellowships. All are qualified and experienced in the work they do.


We welcome women and in so doing have begun a women's ministry with a dedicated minister who provides for a women's needs and personal development and counselling.


Enquirers are welcome to email, write or telephone for further information about our work.

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