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Bread Of Life Outreach Ministry

WE are a Bible based Ministry of the last 18.5 years.As a Messanic Jew for Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior of Oct 17 1988 and received the gifts of the spirit. I walk around healed by the power of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a blood bought man of God.My Minstry as focused on the sick,lame,blind,lost,abused children of God .I also walk in a prophetic Ministry. When I was five years old I was called the "the Harvester" by the Lord.I never realized my calling until 1988.I have decided from that day forward to follow Jesus.I am married to a bride of 35 years Diana Emas and have 3 children already grown from Becky my singing Nightengale to my middle Elizabeth who is a little bit country.My son Greg is going to college to be an account.I have two gorgeous Grandchildren Kayla nd Kenzi.Who currently are living with us at Bread Of Life Outreach Ministries.I have preached in the African American Community by directions from God for the last years from St.Louis to Atlanta Ga. As a ghost writer of film and television from 1981 to 1986.I am currently involved in a motion picture screenplay that we hope to get into production ortheatres before the end of the year. I am writing 4 books and have one coming out in June that will help lay a foundation for a christians walk from Salvation to you go to meet with the Lord.

My Testimony That Changed My Life

I am a humble servant of God and my life begins as a mear and meek boy of 2 to 18 ,where I grew up in an orthodox home of a dsyfunctional lifestyle ,by my brothers,sisters and parents.I was the middle of the three boys with 3 sisters.My mother was a Christian and my father was a Jew but we led both a Jewish as well as a Christian lifestyle.When I was five years old I was abused so much by my siblings and later their friends that I ask the Lord to take me home/Imagine a child only five years olf 40 ILBS and a family that hated him.I use to live with my neighbors to get around the abuse. I made the decision to end my life and be with Jesus. I remember when I was only two a man came into my room and told me that he expects great things from me and not to fear.Some ministers preach on the message"From the Cradle to The Grave"The devil will try to take you out when you are young so that when he calls you to a ministry you will be already with the Lord.So one hot and muggy summer day i was playing a game called milly peg. Where you would throw a knife across the street and than you would have to run as a you can until your friend who throws his knife at the same time meets you.The one who get the knife and returns it where your friend threw his wins. As I was contempating my end to this cruel and disgusting lifestyle I saw the author of my demise slowly approching me. When death comes upon you everything goes in to slomo state.I saw this 1937 Cadillac approaching me when I was running across the street and I felt the power of this massive weapon, It began to start to lower me to the ground as the the angel of death was appearing to me from the grave. I felt two hands as angelical beings put them on a bumper and I never got a scratch on my mortal body.I was physically ,mentally and sexually abused by the devils adversaries,as I march through life.The Bible speaks about the sins of the father past from the thrird to the forth generation. I was also a person that was never content with anything I did and always remember those angelical beings and the man who came into my room innthe middle of the night. I use to hear his voice all of the time and it haunted my spiritman.Until one day the voice saved my life from being shot around 9 years old.Maybe the time when boys ask me to jump off a boy-made fort and land in a pond of 6 feet of water .that was a feeding area for water moccasins. When I leaped into the water the voice said not to be afraid again as the water mocassins all actied like projectiles as they heading toward the boys that were playing the prank on me.Then a led a homosexual lifestyle not of my own accord ,but as a male prostitute to earn money above selling newspaper.As i approached the age of marriage and children the demons turned on my daughter and I placed her in harm way by molesting her and fell deeper into the whole of dispair as the Police interrogated me till I wanted to die.I spend 4 years away from my children . I was a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and still not set free from the terriny of Devil.The voices have protected me and when he put his hands on my shoulders and said that everything was ok.I knew the friend that came into my room and I knew all these times was Jesus.When you think that you are in dispair and no place to go call on Jesus. When you are up against the ropes with no place to go call on Jesus

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