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Activating Evangelistic Reformation

Light Evangelistic Association has been in existence since 2000, I started with a fellowship that gave room to youth for social development and the organization was named End Time Evangelistic Association and it is a Christian NGO for youth and women development in Edo State Nigerian; it was another opportunity for Evangelism because of the social center that operated for Three years. At a point in time my vision as an Evangelist was not seen because I want to save my people for good but it was not the best God needed from me He need me as (itinerant)- Evangelist on a faithful day, He directed me to some area in my country for Evangelism; I have been going to places like Gambia and other Africa nations; but in 2001, I decided to have a center in Nigeria, but it was not what God wanted from me; But since God directed me to unread area for the gospel. It has been great. Sometimes, I call it,open door because the finger of God cannot be denied. Ministers have been bless, Equipped for Evangelism, churches have been revived. It's not to train Africa or any body without Equipping them, this act have put so many people in bondage, you train for services as an Evangelist and that is what we do churches have been bless with our materials like bibles and tracts free to obtain after training; some we give them because we see the need in them to Evangelize. People ask me must times; How do you move this commission? And some say it's only the Americans or white people that give this things free. And some want to be part of LEA, some looking for some other things but God knows better. Activating Evangelistic reformation is a better opportunity, good way for Evangelizing. I think, I am the one that Jesus said is the light of the world salt of the earth. If that is so, l must put value to what He called me to do. Since I started the itinerant movement I do what he want me to do, the money opportunities and strength I don't know how they come but I see things happing for good. But people ask me what is the secret of this commission some think the money is from oversea, but my secret is God I make my heart pure my ways straight because of the light in me Prov. 20v27. many people think they can fool God. The twenty first century leaders need to be reactivated in the spirit because it's too late to fail, yes people we still fail I know the scriptures says a stone that will make men to stumble have been laid in Zion,; But I think no one want to stumble but want positive change we all need it, we do not understand some things about it, the spirit of God must be involved and if God spirit must be involved, you must give yourself the standard God need to work in you and with you. Front - line ministers most of them have missed it but because their names are now Baba, Mummy they think they have arrive and beyond righteousness, their members the same, if an Evangelist with fire go in to that church fire will rain as never before. In my short time, I find out that the people in churches are more sick than the people out side the church spiritually and physically. Talking reformation is not just an English it's Global issue in the body of Christ. The church without power in the twenty-first-century have to wake up Christianity without power is just a religion so the light must shine. People need to see something's that we make them to say Christianity is beyond religion. That is why you must know the friends you make not just because his church is big "no", be careful of old friend some have nothing good to say any more, look for good friend with fire in the bones who can intercede daily for your ministry, family and life. This people are open to reason in the area of revelations or new things thy know from the bible. So many things have been propelling people but the word of God the Holy Bible is what should propel children of God the old companies will kill you. Look for new friend find new people with fire, the Lord speaks to any that are ready not the old in faith, today faith can move the things old faith could not do the book of Job said it's not the old that are wise or the aged that understand what is right. But it is the spirit of the Almighty, that makes him understand. Evangelists are activist. Traveling, meeting new people, organizing and preaching make Evangelist busy but the manifestation (power) attract that is why we must activate ourselves into this new dimension of God power for the twenty-first century

NB: Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving; and pray to us also, that God may open to us a door for word, that I may make it clear, as I ought to speak. Light Evangelistic Assocaition CALL +23480 23393095 Personal Email:- EvangelistLight@Gmail.Com Office Email: Admin Office for Help, Question, Canceling,Prayers and Power Evangelism.

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