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Helpers International

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The people in the Northern Uganda have suffered so much in the war that has affected them for now more than 20 years. The real plight arethe Children who suffer so much because they have nothing to eat, no where to sleep, to families to trace and no education and many other problems. Its our Duty as Christian, to help our brothers and sister who are in such dangerous situations to have hope in our LORD Jesus Christ and to help them spiritually as well as materially. Many of them are suffering form HIV/Aids and need alot of care.

Spiritual food.

Much as these people in the Northern Uganda and Many other places are suffering physically, they need to know about God. Many preachers and missionaries fear tro go to these places in the north because they fear to cantract disease, bevause they fear to be attacked by rebels. Helpers international has taken the Gospel to these places and many souls have been brought to the Kingdom of GOd. Wer need many many Prayers. We were giving out Bibles, KJV and some in their native languages but we could not afford to give to all because they were many people. We ask any one to stand with us in this ministry so that every one can get a Bible and be able to read the Word by him self and be able to know God even more.

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