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Bethel Deliverance Ministry International

Post Office Box MA189, • Ho., Volta Region 00233 • Ghana • 00233 091 25538/see/charmin/CM09133

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Post Office Box MA189,
Ho. Volta Region.
Ghana. West Africa.
Tel: 00233 91 25538.


Bethel Deliverance Mission International was established by Bishop Sitsofe Feyi in the Volta Region of the Republic of Ghana in 1984. Bethel is a mission-minded community located between Peki and Kpeve, all in the South Dayi District of Volta Region.

We the people of Bethel believe in:

1. The verbal inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.
2. The eternal existence of one true God who is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 3. The Saviour of men, the Lord Jesus Christ, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, very God and very man. 4. The creation, test and fall of man, as recorded in Genesis; His total spiritual depravity and inability to attain to divine righteousness. 5. The Gospel of the Grace of God, how that Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day through the shed blood of INRI for our justification. 6. gifts of the Spirit as enumerated in I Corinthians, being exercised and practiced as manifest in the early Church. 7. The salvation of sinners by Grace, through faith alone in the perfect and sufficient work of Christ on our behalf upon the cross of Calvary excluding all human merit. 8. Water baptism of believers by immersion in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9. The baptism of the Holy Spirit as an experience subsequent to salvation, with the scriptural evidence, namely, speaking in tongues. 10. The Lord's Supper, as a memorial for believers. 11. The healing of the body by Divine Power, the Power of Herbs, Oil, Frankinsece or Divine Healing in many aspects as manifested in the early Church. 12. The eternal life of the believer and the eternal punishment of the unbeliever. 13. The Spirit-filled life of separation from the world, and the perfecting of holiness in the fear of God as an expression of Christian faith. 14. The reality and personality of satan and demons. 15. The reality and ministry of holy Archangels and Angels. 16. The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ for His Church. 17. In the sanctity of marriage, as a life long exclusive commitment between one man and one woman. CHURCH AFFILIATION The Bethel Deliverance Mission International is looking for the opportunity to affiliate or partnering with other churches, ministries and evangelists from USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Portugal and Ireland. Evangelists and churches wishing to affiliate with the Bethel Deliverance Mission International should contact the International Office at the address listed on the bottom of this page and request information about church affiliation in their country. Bishop Sitsofe Feyi Bethel Deliverance Mission International Post Office Box MA189 Ho Volta Region 00233 Ghana. West Africa Phone: 00233 91 25538 E-Mail:


Bethel Youth In Need Project


Metal Working

Domestic and industrial power/pneumatic tools Small to medium metal guillotines Small to medium metal brakes mall to medium pipe benders Arc/Mig welding Bench and pedestal grinders Bench and pedestal drill presses Small to medium hydraulic industrial presses Lathes, up to two-meter bed size Milling machines Industrial electrical hacksaws Small to medium power/manual hoists. Surface grinders/small & medium size Wood Working Domestic and industrial power tools Band saws Table saws, 10" Radial arm saws, 10" Planers Mortising machines Woodworking lathes Single and two-speed vertical shaft mold-making machines Tongue and groove making machines Light and heavy-duty sanding machines Industrial jigsaws. Automotive Wheel balancing machines Wheel alignment machines Car jacks, hydraulic and pedestal Tire changers Motor hoists Tackles, pulleys Engine analyzers Motor testers Car manuals (English or Spanish, for domestic and imported cars) Spray guns Spray booth accessories Brake drum turning machines Signal generators Compression testers for gas/diesel engines Testers for injectors Tachometers Textile Electric industrial sewing and weaving machines Facing machines Double stitching machines Industrial invisible hem stitching machines Button-hole makers, manual or automatic Serging machines Cloth cutters. Other Equipment Compressors - 120 lbs/square inch to 200 lbs/square inch Motors - 110/220/440 volts, single and three phase and up to 10 HP Motors of 550 and 575 volts are not acceptable unless they are already on a piece of machinery Fork Lift Trucks - battery, propane, gasoline or diesel operated Pallet Trucks - battery or manually operated. Where battery operated, please make sure it comes with a charger Agriculture Small tractors Harvesters, balers, cultivators Cutters and shredders Grain drills, corn planters Chisel plows, tillers Disc harrows Sprayors Inline rippers, chisels Loppers, mowers Food Processing Bakery and rotisserie ovens Proofers Mixers, grinders, tenderizers Blanchers, cookers, coolers Peelers, washers Packaging equipment Slicing equipment Vacuum fillers Fryers, battering machines Refrigeration equipment, freezers Band Saws Computers (Must be in working order, with a CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse.) PC (Pentium & higher) Mac (PPC) Printers The Bethel Projects handle the above equipment for vocational training purposes among the typically rural youth. Corporate organizations, institutions, NGO's and individuals wishing to help make the unemployed youth self-reliant should direct the shipment to THE PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR BETHEL MISSIONS PROJECT BOX 34 HAVE ETOE. V/R. GHANA. WEST AFRICA Tel: 00233 0936 50147 E-mail:

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