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Healing is Mine Saith the Lord

2147 Hazlitt Dr, • Houston, Tx 77032 • United States • 281-219-2305/see/charmin/CM09108

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I was 10 years old when i was foundled by my step uncle. I told my aunt and she shipped me back to my mother's house(in which my uncle had his hand on my lap the whole entire drive there) my family treated me as though i did somthing wrong,they told me not to tell any one, there was no support. My real father died a couple of weeks before I was born, so my mothers boyfriend was the only father I knew. I thought I could trust him, so i told him, 2 minutes later he raped me, and told me that if i told my mother he would hurt her.
My name is Latasha McGlory, and I am like 1 in 3 girls in the United States today, a victim of child molestation, but that is not where my story ends. I am now healed, set free and delivered from the pains of my childhood. How, you ask, The Lord Jesus Christ!!!! The only hope I have ever had. I believe that anyone can be just like me,through christ of course, and that is why I am standing in the gap for all women,men,boys,and girls. Come all of you who are hurting from the pains of your past, for if you drink of this water you will never thirst again.

How can I be delivered?

First of all you have to be saved. You have to give your life over to Jesus. Afterwards, you have to join a church that the word is going fourth in, a place where there is evident deliverance taking place and lastly pray, and yes inspite of what you think, you need counseling from someone who has been there, done that and is now set free from that same thing. This person has to have a spirit to set the captives free!!!
Healing is Mine Saith the Lord is a counseling center that is in the process of being built, however that does not stop the counselors from reaching you. Please email us at with prayer requests and comments. God Bless you and please contact us at any time

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