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Time of Hope

Tiempo de Esperanza, Jr. Elias Aguirre 549, Tercer Piso • Interior 308, Chimbote • CHIMBOTE - PER • /see/charmin/CM09022

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Time of Hope Ministry

Greetings in the sweet Name of Jesus and welcome to this small and modest place in the Network. Thanks by arriving at this web page, we invite cordially to revise, to know our work and purpose in the Work of the Mister. It is the time to transmit the message of breath, hope and of salvation that is found in Jesus. Our Main Message is, you Repent you of your sins, and invokes Jesus while have breath in your lungs. If you die without Christ will be too late. Your you need to put you to counts on God "Now is the acceptable time; now is the day of salvation.(2 Corin 6:2) Today is the Time of Hope!! Since the year 2000 we are involved in offering a full motivating furniture of hope, love and peace through the Radio. We are a company of Christian brothers compromised with the evangelism, the advance of the gospel and the service to the others. We have the purpose, to communicate the gospel of Jesus, to help to know Jesus, with objective to fortify the Christian faith. to carry a message of hope and motivation for a life of peace and happy. This work that carry out inside our possibilities and with aid of brothers with this same purpose so that thus we can comply with ours objective. Christian communications Time of Hope is born two years ago with the conviction to communicate the gospel of Jesus by the media that arrange. Inside projects is evangelism house by house, distribution of treaties and literature of growth, we desire to speak of the love of God by Radio teaching that in Christ there is salvation and in the possible thing to use internet for this same objective. We invite that have the necessary time to write an e-mail its comments, opinion is very important.

Its aid is important - Aydenos!!!

Time of Hope is oriented to the distribution of Christian Literature in Spanish, for the evangelizacin of the Word of God. If you can help with material for evangelismo like treaties, books, pamphlets or can finance to produce evangelismo Literature, program by radio, please to contact. Also to maintain radio program we needed its collaboration with Christian music in Spanish. EVERY AID WILL BE VALUABLE. - God blesses to you -

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