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Motivational Speaker for Christ

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Motivational Speaker for Christ

Greetings! My name is Mary Carlson, and I am a Motivational Speaker for Christ. My speaking is geared toward the unchurched, the hurting, the lost, those bound by hopelessness, those in despair, and I have a powerful impact to motivate people to not only reach out more within their own communities, but also motivate people to want to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through Salvation. Because I have been through such a dramatic past, it is easy for me to reach the hearts of hundreds of people for Christ that have gone through similar pain and suffering. If you would like more information on booking me for revival meetings or speaking engagements, or would like a copy of my testimony to see what it is that I would be speaking about, please feel free to contact me at: or at (612) 207-3527.
I also educate communities that are invited in to the church, as well as the church body on Methamphetamine. I do this through a powerful power-point presentation on Meth (very educational) and I follow it up with my personal testimony of how the Lord Jesus delivered me from Meth. Very effective speaking that not only draws many people into the church to hear the message on Meth, but also very effectively draws in people in order to minister to ANYONE who has gone through anything traumatizing (big or small) in their pasts. Because I had gone through such a dramatic past, it is easy for me to effectively communicate the Gospel message, and the LOVE, MERCY and FORGIVENESS of our LORD.

A short excerpt from my testimony...

"for I am the LORD that healeth thee." - Exodus 15:26 -


I grew up in Blaine, MN and came from an abusive background. As a young child in elementary school, I was constantly picked on, pushed down, spit at, chased home every day, teased, harassed, and hated for all of my childhood by the neighborhood children. Still to this day I don't have a clue why they hated me so much. It seemed the more that I tried to make friends, the more they would hate me, and abuse me. At home, I was abused throughout my childhood until about the age of eleven. I learned in a real big hurry not only could I not trust other children, but also adults.

While my mother was extremely and horrifically abusive, my dad was an alcoholic who did not have time for us children. I grew up with no guidance, no "I love you-s", no hugs and encouragement, only constant condemnation and the constant reminder of being truly alone and unloved, although I had family members around me. I felt completely and utterly empty. I felt that I had absolutely no hope of a normal family life at home, and I felt so unwanted and unloved to the point that I would often question why I had even been born to begin with.

I was very envious of other families that I knew that had a loving relationship with their parents. Often times I would imagine that I had this wonderful family who loved me and doted on me with all of the love, affection and attention that I craved so badly to have in my life, but it was not so. Oh, how I longed to be loved and belong to someone, anyone.

I grew up to become extremely rebellious. I ran away from home several times only to end up in juvenile centers. Many times I would find myself in extremely dangerous situations while I was in the `big city' looking for something that I had absolutely no clue of what it even was that I was searching for to begin with. Everywhere that I went, I found nothing to satisfy my hunger for love and acceptance. Everything that I did, was so disappointing time and again, and made my feelings of unworthiness worse than ever before. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could fill the void-the emptiness that I felt inside of me.

I then got involved with a man when I was about 16 years old. Even though he was extremely abusive and cheated constantly on me with other females, I clung to him like glue because I was afraid to lose him. I started to believe that because he paid attention to me a couple of times a week, that I was `loved.' We were married when I was 19 years old. I quickly found out soon afterwards that there was, indeed, a `hell' on earth.

I suffered horrible beatings and verbal abuse at his hands, and instantly felt trapped in the marriage. After 5 years of extreme abuse I finally got up the courage to leave him, partly due to the fact that I knew that he was stuck overseas for another year in the military, and I saw that as my `way out.' After he had beat and raped me for what I was determined to be the last time, I left him in the midst of several threats that he had made to kill me. I then had the military fly me back to my hometown, where I struggled to make a home for myself and my two children that I had given birth to during our marriage.

After I returned home, I would sit day after day, night after night and dwell on my pitiful life. I had quit school when I was 16, had no education and no real skills that could help me find a job. All I could do was sit home on public assistance and dwell on everything that had gone on in my life over and over and over again. I was becoming so tormented by everything playing out in my mind, that I started feeling suicidal more than anything. I would look back at my life and the scenes and images would play over and over in my mind, and I couldn't seem to lose them no matter how hard I tried......

For full testimony, please email me at

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