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The principal goal of this organization as laid down at the outset is to "provide assistance for basic food, education and primary medical care for the poorest of the poor, the deprived and neglected people who live in remote, unreached villages and in deep jungles and thereby present the love of Christ". LOCATION OF THE HOME: The TEAM Vision's Headquarters and the Children's Home are situated at Kodaikanal, a Hill Station in South India, 7000 feet above the sea level. The climate is always cool and this is an international tourist spot 300 miles from the Chennai International Airport. CONDITION OF VILLAGES SELECTED There are about 40 villages around Kodaikanal. The inhabitants of these villages are illiterates and underprivileged. Many programmes of the Government do not enter into these villages because they are far away from the roads and are unreachable. Ignorance, poverty and illiteracy of these people add to this problem. When the TEAM Vision saw the struggle of these underprivileged sections of the society around Kodaikanal, a "vision to transform" came in the minds of its members to uplift the condition of these neglected sections of the society. The vision is implemented gradually through various programmes. There are no good schools in these villages. Even if a small school is there in a village, the children have to walk for two to four hours a day to reach these schools. Health care facility is almost nil in these villages. About 45,000 people living in these villages ACTIVITIES: (1995- 2005 1. From 1995 onwards, a team of like minded people started visiting tribal villages named Moongilpallam, Pattiyakkadu, Pallangi Kombai, Vellagavi, Savurikkadu, vadagavunji etc., to provide free medical care and basic teachings about health and social awareness . 2. MOONGILPALLM: Later TEAM Vision has decided to select Moongilpallam as a pioneer village, which is situated about 4 hours walking distance from Mannamanur. The inhabitants of this village are deprived of all basic amenities like food, health and education. 3. RATION CARD: TEAM Vision prepared identity cards for all the heads of the families in Moongilpallam and encouraged them to apply for Ration Cards. We thank the Revenue Authorities and Civil Supplies Authorities for providing the ration cards to 15 families. 4. NEW HOUSING: We brought the pathetic condition of the huts in this village to the attention of the authorities. We thank the authorities for providing Tin Sheets for roofing. 18 new huts were erected in a new location in 1999. 5. ROAD AND LIGHT: The Forest Authorities were approached for repairing the way to the village because the location comes under the Forest Department's Jurisdiction . They helped the villagers to lay stones on the tortuous way to the village. They also erected two solar lamps in this village because electification is not possible. 6. KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL: TEAM Vision started a kindergarten school in this village to provide basic education and bring awareness about education in 1998. 20 children were enrolled. 7. After continuous dialogue between the underprivileged illiterates of these villages and the TEAM Vision, the elders have agreed to send their children to school. But as there are no schools in the near vicinity, we had to keep them in a "Home" and educate them. CHILDREN'S HOME In this juncture the TEAM vision decided to start a "Home" for the destitute children at Kodaikanal. As per this on June 21, 2000 a `Home for the Destitute Children' was inaugurated at 7/5 Anna Salai, Kodaikanal by Mr. T. Subbiah, R.D.O. Kodaikanal in the presence of the Tahsildar, Mr. Siddar Mahalingam. 19 children were admitted from Moongilpallam, Kadamanrevu and Kombaikadu. These three villages are situated about 30 kilometers from Kodaikanal. In this `Home' free accommodation, food, health care and education are provided. The number of children increased gradually and at present 61 children are cared. Accommodation & Transport The "Home" was started in a rented building in the beginning. But later a generous donor bought and donated a small piece of land for the construction of the "Children's Home". A building was constructed in this land in 2001. The building was extended twice to the present size. The children are now staying in the same building. Another building was constructed by the help of "World Orphans" in 2004 for the boys separately. 20 boys are accommodated in this building. In 2005 the TEAM Vision bought a van for the transport of the children to different schools. The children are studying in CSI Town School, St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School and in Government Higher Secondary School, Kodaikanal. We need to construct more buildings for the extension of this Children's Home. STAFF There is a Director, an Administrator, three matrons, an office assistant and a driver work in this charity. NEEDS This Children's Home is run by the sponsorship of individual sponsors. 31 of the 61 children are sponsored by different sponsors from India and abroad. TEAM Vision requests the viewers to become sponsors to alleviate the miseries of the underprivileged children and to enlighten their lives. Sponsor amount per child for a year is 250 US Dollars. We need buy a separate land for the boys and construct a new building for them. We wish to have at least 50 boys and 50 girls in our Children's Home. TEAM Vision needs another Mini bus for the transportation of the children to school. Donations for school bags, school uniforms, sweaters, dress materials, Christmas gifts and other useful materials are also accepted. The Government of India granted the TEAM Vision permission to accept contributions from abroad under FCRA (Foreign contribution Regulations Act). 80G & 12A exemptions are also granted for India sponsors. For other details please contact Dr. Bevin G. Lawrence, Director, TEAM Vision, No: 1, Lloyds Road, Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, India- 624 101 Ph: 0091 4542 241412 or 240814 E-Mail:



The Healthcare Unit of the TEAM Vision Charity work among the underprivileged people who live in deep jungles and remote villages. A small team of volunteers under the leadership of Dr. Bevin use to venture into deep forests once a month to provide free medicines to people who have no other healthcare facilities. After much effort for the past 10 years a van was bought for this purpose this year. Many Free Medical Camps were conducted after the purchase of this van. Medical camps were conducted in Melpallam, Kombaikadu, Kadamnrevu, Clavarai, Kilanavayal etc., where about 1000 patients were treated. The above said villages and many other villages do not have even a small Mini Health Center or any other health care facility. NEEDS: 1. Five Mini Health centers should be started in five bigger villages where the patients from the surrounding villages can get treatment. 2. A Mobile Medical Unit with staff, medicines and equipment. 3. A Well-equipped Hospital to provide quality Healthcare to about 100,000 people who live in and around Kodaikanal. 4. Construction of churches in remote villages. If you are inspired please contact: Dr. Bevin G. Lawrence, M.B.B.S., M.D. Director, TEAM Vision, No: 1, Lloyds Road, Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, India- 624 101 Ph: 0091 4542 241412 or 240814 E-Mail:

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