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Agape Covenant Fellowship

P O Box BE745, Belvedere • Harare, Mash 26304 • Zimbabwe • 26311790897/see/charmin/CM08976

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To all the people who come and fellowship with us will be eqipped to do the work of ministry. Eph 4:11-16. This is also part of our mission. We are to heal broken hearted. Isa 61:1-4

Reaching Out

We are also reaching out in other parts of Zimbabwe and also other countries as God is opening the doors.Matt 28:18-19.

Those who would like to assist us to have enough equipment can send their donations to: Jubilee Ministries - Agape Covenant Fellowship Church Stanbic Bank N. Mandela Brach Acc. No. 0140025680501 Only if God tells you to support us you can conact us through the e/mail above. we will really apreciate as the work of God is delaying because of resources. We are really pursuaded that what ever God has called us to do will be accom[plished. We shall be sending you teachings and encouragements periodically.

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