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grace prayer mission

1A 206 B N.I.T, • Faridabad, Hariyana 121001 • India • 9868423862/see/charmin/CM08812

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Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. I came to know about your ministery through the website.I have been working as a pioneer missionary in Faridabad Hariyana (India) for the last 15 year . At preasent I am incharge of Grace Prayer Mission, an inter-denominational and crosscultural social agency, which caters to the immediate need of the poor in the society. We have projects to take care of their social as well as spritual need. Our aim is to leed them to truth by way of doing charitable works among them. Grace Prayer Mission stands for the holistic development of the depressed people in the society. Our mission is to provide moral , emotional and economic support to the people in the city who live in substandard conditions . It has been well over six years since we have been into this work. We have social activities in various forms such as extending financial aid for the educational of the poor children , offering free treatment to those who can't afford it, rehabilitating those under addication, councelling the depressed , espeically those who contemplate suicide and so on.We have allready 15 children from the slum. Right now we are providing them educational help. There are many more who are desperately in need of our support and care. But at the movement we find it difficult to include more in our programmes we are short of founds.Also we are praying for a place of our own to accomodate children who are victims of natural calimities, communal violence, sexual abuse etc.Our vision is to provide to a helping hand to the underprivalged and suffering masses in our city. We at Grace Prayer Mission have recognized the presence of such people here who need to be loved and cared. We have allready concived a long term project which we belive,will eventually result in their social emancipation.We plan to start full-fledged community development programmes in the near future.Therefore we need your prayer and support to change lifes through the gospel of our lord and saver jesus christ

May God Bless you,

With love and prayer, Your brother in christ,

Pastor Sam John(President) Grace Prayer Mission 206B N.I.T Faridabad-121001 Hariyana India CONT.NO 9868423862

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