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Stephen Louis Ministries

D65 RBI Quarters Shamlal Begumpet, • Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500016 • India • 9885640061/see/charmin/CM08761

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I was saved by Lord Jesus with wondrous mircale by which I was transformed and committed my self in serving the Lord Jesus. I and my wife along with my only son we are serving Lord Jesus. God has gifted me with spiritual gifts through which many are healed and many are benefitted by mircales of Jesus Christ. I am gifted with tongues for which I am thankful to God. I dedicate my time in spreading the word of God to those who are not saved and to them who are wanting to taste the Love of Christ. I could by Gods Grace establish two churches and surrendered the same to the Leading Church in Hyderabad. God listes to my prayers


Whenever and wherever I am called for prayer I spend enough time in comforting the family with the word of God and emphasize them to repent for all the deeds and turn unto the Lord for his blessings and transformation. Throughout night also I pray for all who make prayer requests and Gods heeds every prayer. SEND YOUR PRAYER REQUESTS TO MY E-MAIL ADDRESS:

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