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Help for Poor Children Ministry

P.O. Box 2640, • Port-au-Prince, Haiti West-Indies • Haiti • /see/charmin/CM08744

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Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings in Jesus-Christ' precious name who is our Lord and savior. My name is Beaufort Louis Juste. I was born in September 27th, 1986. My mother's name is Exantine Louise Promice. She has two children, myself and boy. I accepted God in my life in 1998. From that period my mothers and myself started to teach our people about the word of God and helping destitute poor children. In 2001 God gave us the favor to construct a church with an orphanage and also a school. The church has now over 90 people and we have 25 poor children under our care. We are responsible to feed, raise and educate them. We hire a teacher to give them free education and a local pastor in the church.

HAITI is a very poor country. We get lots of problems such as: political, social, economical and others. In my country, there's absolutely no work, sometimes no food and most of my people are homeless. The situation of my country is extremely weighty. My orphans are suffering very badly from hunger, they're starving to death. My heart goes out a lot for the suffering people, more especially the children, they means to me The World's feature. Please help me to make a difference on the lives of these children, even with a hot good meal per day. Your prayers and support would mightely change their situations even with some food, clothes and if possible to construct a good place for them.

That was our vow to the Lord, please help with my children in Haiti. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write and let us know, we'll be disposed to share it with you. Please we count on your kind understandings and hope to hear from you very soon May God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ, Brother Beaufort Louis Juste Help for Poor Children P.O. Box 2640 Port-au-Prince, Haiti W.I.


I'm Chantal Joseph. I hope you've learned more about "Help for Poor Children Ministry" that was shortly founded by two Christian workers in Haiti who's Bro. Beaufort Louis Juste and his mother Evan. Exantine Louise Promice I knew them since 2002, my wife and went to see their work in Haiti, I can truly say their working for God and serving their people in Haiti. I have stayed in their home, preach the eord of God in their church and help them feed their poor children in Haiti. Please pray for these child's of God while they're working for the Lord Jesus-Christ. Pray and ask the Lord to help this ministry through you, w/ helping them to feed, raise and educate their 25 suffering children, and some needy people of their church, so that God in his love will help you to enrich abundantly.

My wife and myself are available to share with anybody about the ministry of Bro. Beaufort Louis Juste. You can contact me by mail or by E-mail. We will periodically share it w/ you. Please pray and be a part of this ministry. With love and kindness, Bro. Chantal B. Joseph Address: Help for Poor Children 331 SW 1st Court #3 Pompano Beach, FL 33060 E-mail:

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