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Faith Revival For The Nations (Africa) Inc. FReN

Admin-Office: 505, New Wing,, Mosi-O-Tunya Building, • Livingstone, Southern Province P.O. BOX 61271 • Zambia • +26097850907/see/charmin/CM08740

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The assignment of FReN International

+ PLANTING OF BIBLE-SCHOOLS, FReNBI-CAMPUSES, IN AFRICA + SCHOLARSHIP-TO-LOCAL-PASTORS + BIBLE-SCHOOLS BUILDING-PROJECTS + WELFARE OF THE ADJUNCT FACULTY + WELFARE OF MISSIONARIES WHO DO NOT HAVE A DENOMINATIONAL SUPPORT + CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT, REVIEWS & UPGRADING + TRAVELLING & MINISTERING AROUND THE NATIONS: REVIVING THE BODY OF CHRIST TO REACH ALL AFRICA AND THE NATIONS! The primary Assignment of Paul Momoh Ministries, in conjunction with FReN International is, establishing Obedience to the Faith among the nations, and raising the foundations of Ministries in the Body of Christ to the balance of the Word and Spirit. A significant aspect of the divine assignment of FReN is the funding of FReNBI tuition-scholarship for rural/local Pastors and Missionaries who are unable to pay for their ministerial training. Jesus said, 'the Laborers are few', and yet the few Laborers are ill-equipped to finish the job! Presently, these Ministers are being served at FReNBI CAMPUSES where 70% of their tuition-fees continue to require partnership support. These studies, which run through a 3-months full-time Certificate program, and a 2-years full-time Diploma program, are conducted at LIVINGSTONE CAMPUS: established November 2001, and LUSAKA CAMPUS: established February 2003. Both campuses have trained and graduated over 400 Ministers/leaders between 2001-2005, drawn from, across Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, and Malawi; from diverse churches/denominations -Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostals, Charismatics and Catholics; all equipped with the Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit! This is the kind of outcome experienced through the trans-denominational ministries of FReN. Mobile campuses and Revival programs, which began running in South Africa by 1998, and by 1999 for both Uganda and Nigeria, have continued to run at specific school Terms, and have since been spreading further to other nations. For such a Ministry as FReN, with no church-base, to be able to fulfill its divine commission to the Body of Christ, the Body of Christ would need the opportunity to support and partake of the labors and rewards of this divine service. This is fulfilled through the SEED-TO-THE-NATIONS program. PARTNERS & FRIENDS OF FReN contribute their faith, regular prayers and monthly financial-support, for this eternal cause of charity. In so doing, they are changing lives, changing churches/Ministries... and changing nations, and are RECEIVING apostolic ministry and blessings over their own lives, family, career, business and calling ...blessings that supply their needs in this present life, with eternal Rewards laid up in Heaven!


As you continue to serve the Lord through your local church, you may sense a growing desire to also serve the Lord on a wider platform, beyond the walls of your church or denomination. This is a Call to serve the Body of Christ, a networking with other Believers that accomplishes something greater and bigger; big enough to touch the nations for Christ! It is a standing-together in partnership, without leaving your church membership. This is the opportunity afforded by the ministries of FReN International. Hence, Partnership with FReN means, becoming a part of the Great commission. Through your prayers and support for Missions, you reap divine blessings, while at the same time, accessing FReN Open-doors and opportunities to network locally and internationally with other Believers and Ministries in the Body of Christ, through your Gifts and Calling. For more updates and materials on the ministries of FReN International and FReNBI Campuses in Africa, please visit

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