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Hozannah Christian Learning Center Inc.

3 E. Delos Santos St., San Nicolas, • Alcala, Pangasinan 2425 • Philippines • 6374-4467698/see/charmin/CM08716

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We believe that good education is the only weapon to fight poverty. This program aimed to provide free quality education to pastor's kids, and indigent children. Through this program, we would want to reach out more children helping them to understand the message of God's love and salvation. An integrated approach to their secular subjects and principles of God's words will be taught. Parents are also required to attend the Basic Parental Education Program to ensure their participation in child's learning activity and to have an opportunity to share the message of salvation winig the whole family for Christ. Education in the Philippines has been commercialized, making good education to those people who can afford. That's why this program was conceptualized to help the indigent children giving them the opportunity ro compete to the demands of our society and have a chance to hear the message of salvation.


We are looking forward that this ministry will become self-sustaining in the future. But at present we need your help. How? 1. Sponsoring a child's education by donating 150 US Dollars (These includes: Uniforms, Text books, school materials,etc.). 2. Sponsor a professional teacher by donating 1,000 US Dollars(this covers a one year salary). 3. Monthly operational cost of 300 US Dollars (Includes: building rental, Light, Water and school maintenance). You can send your donation through check/bank draft in favour of Hosanna Christian Assembly Saving Account # 1036-20570-0 Prudential Bank, Perfecto Branch, Baguio City, Philippines. Please use ROUTING ADDRESS when depositing. Here is the routing or swift address of Prudential Bank (PILBPHMM). You can also send your check to Hosanna Christian Assembly 18 Tuding Road, Outlook Drive, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines.

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