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666 Orchard Street, • New Haven, CT 06511 • United States • 203-777-2349/see/charmin/CM08665

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About Us........allow us to be introduced...

The Ministry is named " The Word of God,through Jesus Christ,Street & Outreach Ministry. Overseen by The Holy Ghost,as He uses Apostle A.E. Coleman,Jr.,as a UNDERSee..... and Prophetess T.A. Coleman,as a Ministry Partner,and Prayer The Ministry... God hath Anointed me to Minister THIS Word to HIS Saints and to THE LOST...: satan is REAL...and he is out to LURE you to Hell...with him and HIS angels(demons). he(satan) is using MANY kinds of schemes and ploys to get you there. he perverts the Doctrine that we receive,he institutes his OWN government...and he is the destroyer of families...marriages...Ministries...people.The Word that God gave me to share,(bottom-line Word),is: "BE YE READY TO WITHSTAND him..(satan ,with a SMALL "s")...and that IS done ONLY BY THE WORD OF GOD,The Sword of The Jesus' Name,and by HIS Authority....and His Spirit~" My Flower and Ministry Partner and my Wife..... ...God has given her a Word,connected to the One given to her husband,(Unity in the Vision),which is: "Hell is REAL saints...we must fight...and stay before God..always Praying and Believing in Jesus' Name...for Jesus IS The Way,The Truth,and The Life...and IS God,mainfested in The Flesh..for He (God) is DaySpring (Luke 1:78)...He(Jesus,The Christ) is The Righteousness of God...embodied in flesh...TALK to Him...Worship Him....Rest in Him...for He IS The Lord,Jesus Christ...God's ONLY BEGOTTEN Son...and OUR Refuge...all who enter therein are Blessed!" ~Communicate with God~

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Notice the links below....and reach us.If God leads you to send donations,notice the addresses below...If God leads you to send a monetary Blessing..notice the ***ADDRESS below.God Bless you,in Jesus' Name~ ------------------------------------------------- To donate Bibles,(Old or New),and other Christian Literature,clothing for the clothing Ministry...or anything else that God leads you to donate...send to: The WOGOutreach Dept. C/O The Word of God,through Jesus Christ,Street & Outreach Ministry 666 Orchard Street New Haven,Ct. 06511 (203)777-2349, 24 hrs. (203)676-9961..Cell 24 hrs. ***If God leads you to send a monetary Blessing,make checks or money order filled out to: (address it as follows): The Word of God,through Jesus Christ,Street & Outreach Ministry *****(your Donations are Tax Deductable) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***ADDRESS ENVELOPES TO: The Word of God,through Jesus Christ,Street & Outreach Ministry 666 Orchard Street New Haven,Ct. 06511 As God uses you to BE a Blessing,(in ANY and EVERY way),even in PRAYING FOR US..SO shall HE BLESS THEE,even in the things that YE ALL need.When The Lord uses us to give ANYTHING,it is never with the spirit of "my GIFT is what makes God give to ME",Brethren..see,we don't give to GET Blessed,(see 1 Samuel 15:22),but,we get Blessed WHEN we do share.(see 1 Thess. 1:1-4; Heb. 6:10).God Bless you,and we love you,in Jesus' Name,Amen. or,for your SECURED SUPPORT through Paypal..

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