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# 22 Road 2 Old Balara, # 22 Road 2 Sapang kangkong Old balara • Quezon City, qUEZON cITY 1109 • Philippines • (02)931-6335/see/charmin/CM08607

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Christ to the Philippines Balara Chapter is a non-denominational Evangelical church. Committed to follow the great commission in making disciples for Christ Matthew 28:19.


We are called to establish healthy, growing, and multiplying churches in the Philippines that will in turn, reach out to the rest of the world.

We are committed to: * Create an atmosphere conducive to the highest form of worship, instruction, fellowship and service. * Empower the saints to become creative and effective evangelist and missionaries. * Develop excellent stewards and leaders in all aspects of the ministry. * Establish and strengthen cooperative and mutually beneficial partnership with other mission groups. * Address the needs of the communities that we serve and care for our ministers and workers who shall be instrumental in the fulfillment of these dreams. We shall achieve these dreams by living our core values of holiness and intimacy with God, unity in the spirit and excellence in service. CTTP CORE VALUES TO LIVE BY: I. Holiness/Intimacy with God * Faithfulness * Humility * Discipline * Integrity II. Unity in the Spirit * Teamwork * Respect * Trust * Concern III. Excellence in Service * Competence * Loyalty * Interdependence * Tithing and generous giving GOALS FOR 2005 - 2010 1. To strengthen loving relationship among church members and to the unsaved. 2. To produce Professional, faithful leaders. 3. To reach a financial Stability 4. To put up daughter church 5. To put up pre - school 6. To actively participate in social community development program. 7. To own a church lot and building Our Focus this year 2005 1. To strengthen loving relationship among church members and to the unsaved. 2. To produce Professional, faithful leaders. 3. To reach a financial Stability.


Administrative office

1.	Fax machine and scanner
2.	Water Dispenser
3.	Filling Cabinet


1.	Book Shelves
2.	Books Tables
3.	Reference books


1.	Evangelism
2.	Music ministry
3.	Children ministry


1.	Men
2.	Women
3.	Youth
Schedule of Services
Wed	7:30-9:30pm	Prayer Meeting
Thu	7:30-9:30pm	Worship Team 
Fri	7:30 - 9:30	In depth Bible Study
Mon-Sun	5:00-6:00 am	
Dawn Watch
	7-8 pm	Music Team Practice
Sun	9-11am	Worship Service
	11-12	Sunday School
	3-6 pm	Youth Fellowship
	5-8	Music Team Practice

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