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love thy Neighbour

Near Good News Church, Malwati road, • LATUR, Maharashtra 413512 • India • 91-2382-246452/see/charmin/CM08586

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Love thy neighbours as thou loveth yourself

GENERAL INFORMATION Love Thy Neighbour Social Welfare Society is a registered Non profit Organization working in the state of Maharashtra ( India ) our registration number under the Public trust act with the Maharashtra state Government of India It has got 15 members in the Organization and the working committee of 7 people, and other details are given below.

1.Name Of the Organization :Love Thy Neighbour Social Welfare Society

2.Address of the Organization : Near Good News Church, Malwati road,Latur, 413 512, Maharashtra, India.

3. Location : 500 K.M . East of Bombay

4. Nearest International Airport : Bombay, Hyderabad

5 Public trust Registration

6. Territory : Maharashtra state

7. Present work area : Maharashtra state

8. Targeted people group : Poor, needy, sick, old, and neglected people of all religions, casts, color, living in the state of Maharashtra.

9. Authorized person : Prabhudas Marutirao Dupte is the Main Trustee of this Organization and he is been Authorized to take any decision on behalf of Love Thy Neighbour Social Welfare Society

Aims and Objects of our Organization

1. To help the poor, needy, sick, old, and neglected people in a care home. And to establish new Churches in different places of Maharashtra state of India.

2. To run the HIV / AIDS awareness programs and to start and run a AIDS CARE CENTER in different places of Maharashtra state.

3.To provide Medical treatment in slums and Gypsy villages.

4.To start the Technical Institute for poor and needy boys and girls.

5.To help the poor and needy Farmers with necessary equipments such as seeds, fertilizers, Bullocks, wells, Tube wells etc.

6.To start the small scale industries such as Bricks factory, Stone crusher machines, Rope making business, Milk dairy farm, Poultry farm etc.where poor villagers can get employment

7.To start Mobile Clinic in a Ambulance for rural slums and Gypsy area.

8.To start the training programs for poor Boys and Girls. Such as Tailoring training, Computer training, Motor mechanic , Electrician , Driving, Printing , Refrigeration , Electronic, Health workers etc.

9.To start English medium schools in different part of Maharashtra, for poor, needy, rural and Gypsy children.

10.To start Boys and Girls Hostels in different places of Maharashtra state.

11.To start Primary Marathi medium schools in the villages where there is no school.

Our Organization is located in Latur District This is a most neglected area for the Gospel where there are not many Christians and the Churches where we are presently working, we have only one big Church in Latur District, and that is our Church which is called GOOD NEWS CHURCH, all the members of our Organization are for the same Church, Our Church is having a Bible school where we trained 30 students every year.

This is what we want to do

Love Thy Neighbour Social Welfare Society has decided to start the Child Development Project and Community Development Project in 3 villages Here are some of the Basic Needs of this Community: 1. Food, clothing and shelter 2. Education for their children 3. Health care 4. Self supporting Businesses 5. Drinking water 6. Road and Sanitation in the locality All of these people are the labors working in different places, and they hardly earn 1 Dollar a day which is not enough even to by food for their families. This is the situation when they have got some work to do, but many times they do not get any work where by they could earn that 1 Dollar even. So the families along with their children have to be without any food if they do not get any work to do. If they have to struggle so hard to get daily food we can think how hard it is for these families to send their children to the school, and to provide them the cloths and timely medicine, rather their small children are also trying to find some work so that they will be able to get some money for their survival. They can not even dream of their own house, they live in a small huts where they can not sleep nights together in the rainy season, and because of this poverty they have lost their confidence, and they are least interested in life they are living. They can not effort to go the Doctor in the time of sicknesses, so the children here are very weak and sick all the time. This is what We want to do : Our Organization has decided to establish a CHILD CARE HOME For such people, where free medicine will be provided to the poor and needy children and we would like to provide them food and clothing. This Program will go on for 5 years, and by that time their families will become self supporting 1. We want to start the child care home in all of these 3 places. Where we want to provide Nutrition food, clothing, Primary education and regular medical checkup we also want to arrange the immunization camps for these children so that they can have a normal health. And we would like to see all these children going to the school, we will appoint 1 teacher and 1 Ayya at each of these places where the children will be taken care of, and will get the good food to eat , good cloths to wear, and opportunity to study in the school. And the CHILDREN WILL NOT HAVE TO WORK HARD IN THIS YOUNG AGE FOR THE FOOD. 2. We want to provide Tins for the roof for the house of the needy families those who do not have their own house, all together there are 200 poor families those who do not have their own houses, who are living in the huts, we would like to provide them 10 Tines each so that they can have their own house to live. This is a greatest need of these people. 3. We also want to help these poor families with the small businesses, where by they can earn at least 3 Dollars per day, through which they can feed their families, and also save some money for the future of their children as well as for the time of difficulty, or any sickness. We will teach them how to save money regularly. Here are Some of the Businesses we want to help the community to start with 1. We want to help 60 families with one Buffellow each, the families can get 10 liters of milk every day by which they can earn 3 Dollars per day plus they are free to work any where because they do not have to be after the Buffellow for the whole day, may be the women can take care of these Buffellows in the day time. And this income source make the families self supporting. They will return the first born to the Project, and we will give this 60 more Buffellows to another 60 families and this is how this Project can give 360 Buffellows all together to the needy families without any other investment. 2. We want to start the Tailoring course for 60 women for one year, after the course we want to provide one tailoring machine to every women, where by the women can start their own Business and earn enough money to feed their families. This Project may not regenerate the funds for other machines, but the women will have a active part in the income of the families, and will become self supported. What we can achieve : 1. We can take care of 250 Children for 5 years. 2. We can establish 60 families in first year and 360 families in five years by getting first born back to the Project, they can become self supporting families. 3. We can provide pure drinking water to the Community 4. 200 Families can have a permanent and good house to live. 5. Young children will get away from the hard work. 6. Community will have a central place ( Community hall ) WE NEED YOUR HELP If you are interested please contact us on this email address:

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