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The Saints Group Assembly

26 BP 1148 Abidjan 26, Koumassi • Abidjan, Abidjan 00225 • Ivory Coast • +22507861070/see/charmin/CM08582

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Salutation in the Mighty name of our Great God ..

Evangelist Ben Ezekiel O. Onyeaboh, The Saints Group Assembly, 26 Bp 1148 Abidjan 26 Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire My beloved Christian friend,

Salutation in the Mighty name of our Great God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ ; who through the eternal Spirit has made us able ministers of the New testament. He is our hope of glory.

This "Ministry" is a God's Sovereignty centred , Evangelical group of burdened believers, committed to preach the crucified and risen Savour to all mankind over our land, particularly those behind prison bars.

Presently we are in urgent need of tracts for free distribution to our efforts and fruits in the Lord's Vineyard. Other evangelical faith - building literatures are abundantly welcome.

Please pray for the cause of the goodnews of the cross over our land, we are praying for your ministrations too. We number about 65 both small and great.

May all our efforts glorify the Lord Jesus Christ -Amen.

With warm Christian greetings.

Yours Passionately burdened for Souls.

The co-ordinator, Evangelist Ben Ezekiel O.Onyeaboh

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