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The Reformed Apostolic Fellowship

42 W. Bruce, • Dayton, OH 45405 • United States • 937-274-3069/see/charmin/CM08552

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The New Testament Church

God is restoring the church to its "New Testament" foundations. God is calling Men and women to the True Apostolic Church. It is time for men and women to come together in unity and build God's Kingdom. This Fellowship through the Holy Spirit is Establishing Apostolic ministry to provide leadership and Spiritual protection to help establish ministries and churches. Through the Holy Spirit God is using us to train, empower, and Ordain men and women in Ministry. Our main goal is to Ordain quality ministers, which will overflow into others, multiplying the Kingdom of God by producing true servants of the Lord, and planting churches and ministries though out the world. The Reformed Apostolic Fellowship beleives in accountability, character and ministry excellence. God has apointed and anointed our Overseer and many others to reformation and restoration of the Apostolic Church. God has given her a direct command to help rebuild the church and help establish ministries and ministers. Jesus is looking for those who will co-labor with Him and with those he has called to be a body of committed believers. Consider joining this fellowship and help restore the Apostolic Church. The Reformed Apostolic Fellowship needs establish Pastor to come a join the fellowship and become Bishops in the Fellowship. God had directed you here for a reason, join the fellowship and watch God move.

Feel out of place or Need a Spiritual Mentor?

I found myself feeling out of place in many Fellowship and Denominations. Many Bishops and Pastors were so busy making a name for themself had forgot about the mission and purpose of the church. I felt something is wrong with this picture and begin to seek God. God gave me a vision to start the Reformed Aposotolic Fellowship. If you feel out of place in your present denomination or Fellowship and your spiritual gifts are not being used please pray about joining The Reformed Apostolic Fellowship. In a denomination many lack spiritual fathers and Mothers, and a Spiritual covering. In our fellowship churches and ministries are autonomous (self-governing) but voluntarily enter a relational structure for edification, and accountability under an anointed Apostle. Many struggle without mentoring, without leadership and teaching, without anyone to affirm them. Our fellowship will make available spiritual fathers and mothers to those in ministry. We are in need of Elders to become a Bishops to help plant and oversee churches and ministies. Please e-mail us for more details. Please join our yahoo group at

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