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The Time Is Near

The time is near even at the doors, for the good Lord to appear, no one knows that day nor that year. Not even the Son nor the Angels , only true Holy Abba Father above.

I say the time is near even at the doors for the good Lord to appear. Pray for you to be worthy to escape that hour of fear, be wacthful for the Lord will appear, it will be like as the days of Noah, when the flood came , this is how the Son will appear, but not with flood, but with fire. Are you saved by grace,and have the Fathers favor? If not call upon the Lord while he is near. Cast your cares upon him for he careth for you, draw near to him , and he will draw near to you.For God is a God of love that is who he is, and God never changes he was the same in the beginning yesterday, and today and always will be forever. I say call upon the Lord , cause he is near, nearer then you think , for the kingdom of God cometh from with in you you are the temple of the Holy Ghost,which is holy, for where your heart is there is your treasure also. Warning for there will come a time , when there will be false Christ lying in wait to decieve many even Gods elect, if there come people saying that Christ is in this basement do not follow, or he is in this chamber, don't follow, or he is in the desert, Warning don't follow. For when the Son of Man appears every eye shall see, he will come in the clouds with great power and glory with the Father , and his angels. Be awake and alert, and always be watchful and pray for you and your breathen that the whole body of Christ put on the full armor of Gods. For if you abide in Jesus and his words abide in you, you are saved from the wrath of God, and he will always protect you , but even so he wants us always to seek and ask to put on his full armor and that you pray for your breatren a prayer of a righteious man vaileth much , that person could be you. And you could be the voice that the Father heard last, when he would say to his Son Jesus lets go, get your Bride, which is his saints his chosen ones. So be watchful and love your breathren and pray for there is power in you and on your tounge, Bestrong in the Lords Mighty power, brave and stay cheerful, and rejoice always in the truth in the grace and truth that the Lord Jesus brings you.Fight the good fight of faith and endure to the end for great is your reward. Love you all in Christ Jesus may the grace and mercy and also God's love always be with you Amen. "

Hearing God's Voice

If your ears are not open today,now today is the day to open your spirital ears to hear what the Spirit says to the churches.For Jesus says my sheep hear my voice,also my sheep hear my Words,Blessed is the man that hears the Words of God and does them.We must be doer's of the Words of God.

Jesus also tells us if you abide in me and my Words abide in you ye shall ask the Father what so ever in my name and it shall be done unto you.If you believe in your heart you will recieve.And the Spirit and the Bride say come and let him that hearth say come and let him that is athirst come and whosoever will let him take the water of life freely.Jesus again says who so ever believes in me as the scipture says out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters,if any one has ears too hear let him hear what the Spirit says too the churches.If any one lacks Wisdom let them ask the Father and he will give it too thee. The Wisdom from above is first pure peaceable gentle easy to be intreated full of Mercy and good Fruits with out partitliy and with out hypocrisy.Breathen your Sins of Yesterday Today and Torommow are All Forgiven You and Forgotton by our sweet Lord Jesus Christ.All of us standing hear on earth today is in the presence of our Lord our God he is above all in all and through us all. That is where he says i am near to thee,hear the Kingdom of God seek with in your selfs, and be still guiet don't be busy bodies.For the Kingdom of God cometh from with in you.For there will be many saying lo here is Christ lo there is Christ but do not follow them for ye know the Kingdom of God cometh from with in you.For there will be many false Christs going too people,saying Christ is in this chamber don't follow them or Christ is in this city don't follow after them for ye know that Christ Jesus our Lord will be coming in the clouds with the Father and his Angels in great power and Glory every eye shall see.If any one has ears too hear let him hear what the Spirit says too the churches.Love you all in Christ Jesus Amen.

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