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Ischus Evangelistic Ministry

201-01 Hollis Ave., • St. Albans, NY 11412 • United States • (718)217-4802/see/charmin/CM08492

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About the Ministry

Ephesians 1:19a "And what is the exceeding greatness of his POWER (Ischus greek) to usward who believe. " Ischus Evangelistic Ministry was founded in 2004 by Prophet Cliff Daniels. Though this ministry is relatively new in its conception, its impact and effectiveness has been a blessing to many. Prophet Daniels believes that in these Last Minutes of these Last Days there but me a clarion call to all believers to rally around a common goal. This goal is to win the lost for Christ at any and every cost. Although Prophet Daniels serves as Pastor of the Rehoboth Family Worship Center located in St. Albans, New York, Ischus functions stricly to accomplish the mission of evangelism. His ultimate mission is to reach people of all races, creeds and colors with the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Ischus is a ministry that enthusiastically embraces the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through this releasing of God's spirit, a dynamic outpour has been witnessed in all of our meetings. Prophetic demonstration has become the order of the day. For we have walked into a season of manifestation like never before. Bodies have been healed, people have been delivered, the forsaken have been comforted, the Devil has been horrified and the Kingdom of God glorified.

About Prophet Daniels

Prophet Cliff Daniels is a young man of many gifts and talents. He is a skilled musician and song writer, a psalmist and a knowledgeable student of the Bible. Even though music was the first avenue of ministry that attracted Prophet Daniels, he realized God had something else in store for his life. In 1993 he accepted the calling of the Lord to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was licensed by Bishop Clarence Louis Sexton Sr. The one petition Prophet Daniels put before the Lord upon the acceptance of His calling was that the Lord endow him with the gifts of the Spirit. The lord graciously granted his request, thanks be unto God. Many who have sat in ministry encounters with Prophet Daniels are amazed at the level of wisdom that this young man exudes. Prophet Daniels always quotes "Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wisdom." His Prophetic gift has caused men and women, saved and unsaved alike to draw nearer to God and stand in awe of his power. Though many of his accomplishments are expressive, Prophet Daniels has been graced with humility giving God the glory for all he has done. He counts salvation to be his most precious possession and the ability to share its awesome power his greatest pleasure. You may contact Ishus Evangelistic Ministry via email @ ISCHUS2004@AOL.COM or by phone @ (718)217-4802 or by mail at Ischus Evangelistic Ministry 201-01 Hollis Ave. St. Albans, NY 1112

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