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" Blessed are the poor" it is God's message to us and the poor are the assured of the kingdom values of Justice, Peace and Righteousness. The Biblical mandate to us is to express our Christian concern of "Love in Action" and Evangelical and Social ministries fulfils the biblical mandate and shows us the way to act and respond to the poor. "The expectations of the poor shall not perish for ever" Psalm 9:18, because God has chosen a few to address this need by providing needs as a solution to the problem of poverty. Man is made in God's image and He expects all of humanity to live a wholistic life that meets the needs of body, soul and spirit. The challenge ahead of us in the Indian context is empowring people to transform their lives by providing them that little leverage that the need and the rest they would bring in by creative solutions, out of their own experience.


The year under review has brought under the umbrella of The Cross Foundation from inception, a total of thousands. India is a large country and of the nations' agenda is the nation's poverty. The national leadership has faild to meet the challenge of poverty but the have full faith in the non-government sector meeting this challenge. To us in The Cross Foundation microfinance, children ministry, women Fellowship, Youth Fellowship and Gospel Camp is a powerful tool enabling poor people to escape from poverty and trasform their lives.The Cross Foundation has taken this challenge and with God's grace and our commitment we are confident that the needs of the poor will be met. Our vision is to see that the hidden potential and capabilities of the of the poorest are addressed. So that they can bloom and develop creative solutions to overcome their related problems.

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