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International Independent Assembles Ministries

(Global Faith Outreach Ministries), P.O. Box 2171 • Bartlesville, OK 74005-2171 • United States • 918-337-4754/see/charmin/CM08421

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Special Needs For Orphans In Africa and India.

We are in great need of support for our Missionaries over seas. There are 250 orphans we try to support that need clothing, food and medical supplies. We do not wish to burden anyone with our requests, therefore we ask that you send what you can. I pray that you will reachout with your gift of love to these children. "Because I delivered the poor who cried out, And the fatherless (orphans) and he who had no helper (missionaries)." Job 29:12. We are a 501 (c)(3) exempt organization and registered in the State of Oklahoma as a (Not-For-Profit) Corporation.

Outreach Programs For Our Youth in America

Global Faith Outreach Ministries, is a youth advocate group of International Independent Assemblies Ministries, Inc. needs your support as well in its youth programs which include but are not limited to: Recommending programs to help parents with children that have ADHD/ADD and other behavior disorders. In our research here in Oklahoma we have found that classes helping parents deal with these disorders do not exist. We have also found that some schools systems intimidate the children and parents because lack of training with these disorders. Some send the children home and intimidate the parents with the new Oklahoma Truancy Law. Our goal is to see to it that these children receive their education and basic human rights. Other researches have found that children needing comprehensive services for delinquent, deprived and in need of treatment fall below the nation's guide lines. It is our Christian duty to see to it that all God's children receive proper services. As Christians it is our duty to stand up for our children, because if we don't who will? If you are interested in helping us with our reseach and development in these badly needed areas, please send us a donation large or small to: Help Oklahomas Children c/o Global Faith Outreach Ministries, P.O. Box 2171, Bartlesville, Ok. 74005-2171. International Independent Assemblies Ministries, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization and your donation is tax-exempt. Thank you for your support and God bless you. Reverend Dr. Billy D. Sweem, Archbishop/Administrator

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