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Defeat The Street Inc.The Church In The Street...

15 Exeter St., • Pittsburgh, Pa 15217 • United States • 412 969 6755/see/charmin/CM08399

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Seek And Save The Lost!!

Defeat The Street Inc. The Church In The Street,is a christian wholeway housing program for men and women just being released from correctional or rehabilitation centers to disciple them so they can go and conquer their world so that Christ may recieve the rewards of His suffering Amen! We also go to the inner cities to evangelize and claim it for Christ, our only ambition is the great comission,so if you need us to come to your church to develope an evangelistic team just let us know!!

Speaking Just for you..

I`m Rev. Eric V Lee it would be an honor to speak for your church or conference,my topics range in every area of christian edification,plus I have three books that would be an awsome blessing to you or a friend,here are the titles,"The Fiction Of Addiction" "Save The Savior I AM!!"Defeat The Street"you can purchase them at LuLu.Com,Please Call me for prayer or counceling I`m here for you in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!!

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