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Grace Ministries International Fellowship

1122 45th Street, • Lubbock., TX 79412 • United States • 806-744-7466/see/charmin/CM08340

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Who Are We?

Grace Ministries is a Para-church ministry designed to assist small and large churches on ministry development. As we rapidly move into the 21st century we are faced with a church that has been hurt by scandal, immorality, spiritual and physical neglect. But as Christians we clearly understand that the bible says that, "The gates of Hell will not prevail against it." Grace Ministries will focus on the following: How to increase and enhance our WORSHIP Promote spiritual growth through greater INSTRUCTION Create agape' love through effective FELLOWSHIP To expand the Kingdom of God through EVANGELISM Grace Ministries will consistently bring together smaller churches in order to improve and enhance their individual programs and ministries and to also create a platform for their pastors to preach and share their individual gifts and graces. Through the College of Bishops the program is broken down into geographic areas where Bishops will have the responsibility to expand the ministry and to nurture churches and pastors as we move forward to create a stronger program. Each year Grace Ministries will meet in Lubbock, Texas for our National Convention in order to lift up the name of Jesus and inspire Christians and Churches in doing a better job in the expanse of the Kingdom of God. Also Grace Ministries is on the move to become a truly global ministry by establishing a presence in other countries including Mexico, Canada and Africa. If you are a pastor who would like to become a part of this great move of God you may contact us at: (806) 744-7466 and we will get you involved and included today. Grace and Peace, Bishop Dr. Robert L. McKenzie, Presiding Bishop Grace Ministries International Fellowship

Mission Stateament

The Mission of Grace Ministries International Fellowship is to bring together churches from all over the world in order to develop the following:

1. To assist churches in leadership develop

2. To assist church in growing both physically and spiritually

3. To equip pastors with effective tools for ministry

4. To create a fellowship of men and women in the ministry in order to help each other through revivals, workshops and encouragement 5. To create a National convention where members come together from all over the nation to strengthen, fellowship and encourage each in Jesus Christ. We are still looking for ministers and pastors to fill the roles of Bishop all across the nation. We must once a year in Lubbock for convocation and consecration of Bishops. If you would like to be a part of this great and growing fellowship then I encourage you to get on board now. There is much work to be done for the cause of Christ.

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