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Traditional Old Roman Catholic Education Society

251 Chisholm Avenue, • Toronto, ON M4C 4W5 • Canada • 416-820-6358/see/charmin/CM08285

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Mission of the Society

The primary mission of the Society is to propagate the traditional Old Roman Catholic faith and doctrine encouraging and empowering laity and clergy for positions of Church leadership through Traditional and Old Roman Catholic Education and theological training. Recognized Schools: Tams College: url:

Traditional Catholic Training

Most of Old Roman Catholic education and training programs are delivered through distance education. It is therefore imperative that the training provided be of the highest quality to train individuals vocations in the Priesthood and lay leadership. The Sociey seeks to assist individuals in guidance and direction in seeking excellent Christian education and theological training: 1.Postulants to Holy Orders in Traditional and Old Roman Catholic Churches to find the theological training the seek. 2.Old Roman Catholic Church laymen and clergy who seek to learn, practice, and deliver the historic Faith of the Church. 3.Anyone who seeks to further their knowledge and understanding traditional Catholic Christianity. 5. Teacher training programs that provide solid Traditional Catholic education for Missionary, Private or Home Schools.

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