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in the year 1998,the lord moved pastor E. peterson and the wife Christine to go into missions to the unreached groups around the eastern part of nigeria.


between 1998-2000, we undertook a self sponsored missions trip to AROCHUKWU. Arochukwu is a village in Abia state which is in the eastern part of Nigeria.this place is characterised by their strong traditional beliefs and fetish practices with high indulgence in witchcraft and other occultic activities. on the course of our ministry among them,souls were saved and before we left them in 2002, we planted a church there for them. in 2001,we visited another bushmen at a place called OKOBO. Okobo is a brackish forest inbetween OHOFIA in abia state and croos River state.this people are farmers. the plant rice, tubers and aplm produce etc.they live in mud houses without electricity,pipe borne water, schools, churches,hopspitals.we were moved to tears seeing them that way.the only access way to that place becomes impassable within the months of april-september becouse of rains. with the living conditions we met there,we could only stay for 2days with them.we believe that as God will makeavailable more resources we ahall be back there more prepared .

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