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Susie Wright Enoch Ministries

4002 McGowan Creek Road, • Efland, NC 27243 • United States • (919) 245-3431/see/charmin/CM08178

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About Susie:

Susie Enoch is a much sought after conference speaker. She has traveled extensively throughout America inspiring congregations with a message of hope. She is an anointed instrument in the hands of an Almighty God. Susie is an ordain elder in the United Holy Church of Americas, Inc and has been in minstry for over fourteen years.

Susie holds an MDiv from Duke Divinity and is board certified as a Christian Counselor from The International Institute of Faith Based Counseling, Beaumont,Tx. Susie serves as an Elder at New Covenant United Holy Church,Burlington, NC. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of Women of God in Ministry, Inc. She is a member of the Executive Alliance of Female Ministers, the American Philosophical Associaton, and the American Academy of Religion.


If you would like to book Susie for your particular seminar, conference, retreat or other speaking engagements. Write:

Susie Wright Enoch Ministries, 4002 McGowan Creek Road, Efland, NC 277243 Tel/Fax:(919)245-3431 E-mail:

If you would like to receive a ministry packet, please call, email or write to the above referenced information.

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