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C.C.I.Covering Information

CCI Covering Stipulations

* Any covering agreements regarding any churches, ministries, or clergy must be done in writing by resubmitting a form provided by the ministry detailing the specifics and parameters of the ministry. It is important to have this information back to the CCI Office of Holy Orders and Church Procedure for review for proper review and consideration before the IFC Holy Convocation event. If this is not possible please contact the Presiding Prelate's Office administrator (Apostolic Adjutant) as soon as possible.

* *Covering fees are as follows: Churches $120.00, Ministries $70.00, and Ordination fees are $50.00. Consecration fees are $200.00 for Provincial Bishops and $100.00 for Diocesan Overseers. All Adjutants are $25.00 and Ministerial Licenses are $20.00.

* All those seeking covering and/or ordination by CCI must have attended at least one CCI observance, successfully completed at least one Ministerial Training Institute class and acquainted his/herself with the CCI Fellowship Code of Conduct. As a member of the CCI Fellowship, I seek to observe the following stipulations in this Code of Conduct. I will endeavor to make my ministry a Holy Ghost filled church. Designed to impact my community and everything that pertains to myself and the overall success of those under my spiritual care. I will seek to fellowship and stand in agreement with other ministers and churches in areas in the fellowship that pertain to the overall spiritual as well as supernatural growth. Understanding that it is through the power of agreement that God advances the believer. I will seek to consistently commit myself to the study and meditation of the Word of God and conduct myself according to its precepts and principles', knowing it is the source of all good and perfect things. I will strive to be a good steward of my finances to the best of my ability and sow into this covering and other ministries that have the anointed ability to supply an abundant harvest towards my situation and myself. I will allow myself to taught and mentored by seasoned and anointed men and women of God. Who have assigned to speak a word into my life and thus propel me into my destiny and increase me in vital areas of my ministry I understand that this CCI in no way affects the worship style, membership requirements, or leadership/ownership of my ministry. It is only for the promotion of the Kingdom of God and fellowship with my fellow brothers and sisters who are striving for similar ministerial results. Accepting a Church or Minister into the CCI All churches or ministries who desire to be a part of CCI must submit the following information: Letter of Intent from the Pastor Doctrinal and Mission Statement Future Goals and aspirations of said church or ministry All church officials (if any) must be available to take a class regarding Church Procedures before receiving any charter from C.C.I. Also the presiding prelate will make an Episcopal Visit scheduled by the pastor to meet with the congregation to address their spiritual needs and concerns. Any church of 10 or less members may pay their covering obligation in installments designated by the Office of the Church Financial Officer. All previously ordained ministers must submit a copy of their credentials and a brief overview of their beliefs and background of their ministerial labors before being brought before the Examiners Council. Ministers must present themselves before the council at time appointed by the prelate along with their covering fee and three letters of reference about their conduct from fellow ministers. All ministers seeking a license to preach or ordination must submit their intentions to the Presiding Prelate and the Overseer of Holy Orders and Church Procedures. No one will be ordained or licensed without attending a C.C.I. IMPACT Training Institute trimester or a Ministerial Training Summit and passing an "Overview of Biblical Knowledge" by the Examiners Council.


Covenant Communion International IMPACT Training Institute Apostle K. David Jones, Chief Administrator and Instructor Classes held in Trimesters - every Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm Location: TBA Classes begin January 2005 Statement of Purpose C.C.I. IMPACT Training Institute is designed to teach, impart, and direct those individuals who desire greater understanding of church procedure and need training in vital areas of the gospel ministry of Jesus Christ and His church. IMPACT stands for: Instruction on Ministry Procedures And Clerical Techniques The Classes are three units of 15 weeks. Classes convene twice a week for 3 hours of instruction and a 30-minute break in the middle of class. All ministers seeking to be ordained by CCI must complete these classes in order to receive full ordination as an Elder in the church. Those laypersons or others from outside ministry are invited to attend the classes for a fee of $150.00 per trimester as well as three reference letters from his/her pastor and two church officers who can vouch for the persons conduct and calling. The Trimester breakdown is as follows First Trimester - Church Structure and Organization Second Trimester - Ministerial Protocol and Church Etiquette Third Trimester - Evangelism and Orientation Practicum All Classes will be taught by Apostle Jones unless otherwise stated in the syllabus provided during orientation. There will be grades given for each trimester with a possibility of earning ten credits each trimester. Anyone with less then 5 credits in any given trimester will be asked to take the trimester over again The grading scale is as follows (A) 100-91 - 10 credits (B) 90-79 - 8 credits (C) 78-67 - 6 credits (D) 66-55 - 4 credits (E) 55-below - 0 credits Grading Percentages 30% attendance 20% Trimester Finals 20% assignment completion 10% tests and exams 10% reports 5% conduct and discipline Holy Orders Examination At the end of the 3rd trimester, a two-day examination will take place to see if you are ready for graduation and/or ordination. The examination will consist of four parts. This examination is not part of your grade but is necessary if the student is seeking ordination or certification as a church worker First part: a 250 question written examination on everything you covered over the ITI experience. Each question is worth four points. Second part: A two-hour oral examination before the Elders staff of the church examining the character and biblical knowledge of the student. Third part: A 10-minute sermonettes on a subject of the students choosing. (The Instructor must approve the subject. Fourth part: A submission of a paper written a subject chosen by the instructor. It must be anywhere from 3500-5000 words in length and presented before the Instructor and the Elders staff with copies available for the instructor to review. More information will be provided in time allotted.

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