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Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated

PO Box 837, • Kihei, HI 96753-0837 • United States • 808 874 4876

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A Faith-Based Christian Program for the cure of alcoholism and other addictions and for attaining a new life in Christ through reliance on the Creator - YHWH our God. Founded on the principles and practices of "Akron Group Number One" - the Pioneer AA Christian Fellowship of Akron, Ohio, as led by Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith of Akron, Ohio

"We already had the basic ideas, though not in terse and tangible form. We got themas a result of our study of the Good Book." - Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, Co-Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, 1948

"Henrietta [wife of AA Number Three, Bill Dotson], the Lord has been so wonderful to me, curing me of this terrible disease, that I just want to keep talking about it and telling people." - William Griffith Wilson, Co-Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, 1935

"We have grown in numbers, wealth, and power as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten GodIntoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us!" - Abraham Lincoln, 1863

Our aim: "Bringing alcoholics and addicts to reliance on the Creator through His Word for cure and newness of life in Christ."


Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated was established to bring alcoholics and addicts to reliance on the Creator through His Word, to a cure for their addictions,and to a new life in Christ. It is founded on the premise that the Christian Fellowship of early Alcoholics Anonymous [aka. "Akron Group Number One", led by Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith] provided the model and answer to alcoholism and other addictions through its Christian program developed and utilized between 1935 and 1939. That program was thoroughly and accurately reported to philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. by his associate Frank Amos. The report explicitly stated how "medically incurable" alcoholics had achieved "permanent cures" utilizing this practical program. The cures and the astonishing success rates are not even remotely existent today. Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated will research, study and report on the exact methods and sources employed by the pioneer program, to conclusively demonstrate their potential for outstanding efficacy today through a simple and practical utilization of these same principles.

Freedom Ranch Maui Incorporated is a non-profit 501[c][3] charitable, religious and educational corporation, duly organized and incorporated August 8, 2003 in accordance with the non-profit corporation laws of Hawaii.

Its principal office is:
   2385 South Kihei Road, Unit 10-115
   Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753

Officers and directors:
Richard J. Kolenda, Jr. - President, Treasurer, Director
Deryl Santosuosso - Vice President, Secretary, Director
Richard G. Burns - Hawaii Resident, Director

PO Box 837
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753-0837

Its principal program leaders:

Richard Gordon Burns
Pen Name: Dick B.
	Born: Stockton, California, May 15, 1925
	Two sons: Kenneth Charles Burns and Donald Gordon Burns
	P.O Box 837, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753-0837
	Phone/fax: 808 874 4876
	A.A. (with Honorable Mention) U.C. Berkeley, Economics - 1948
	A.B. Leland Stanford Junior University, Major: Law - 1949
	J. D. Leland Stanford Junior University, Law - 1951
	Sergeant, U.S. Army 1943-1946, Information/Education Specialist
	Attorney, Clausen & Burns, San Francisco, 1951-1961
	Solo Practitioner, Corte Madera, CA, 1961-1986
	Consultant, Wyoming Pacific Oil Company, 1955 -
	Advisor to God's Way Ministry, Inc., Hawaii, 1998 -
	Author/Publisher, 1990 -
	Phi Beta Kappa, Junior Year, Univ. of Calif. Berkeley;
	President of Inter-Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society, U.C. Berkeley
	Case Editor, Stanford Law Review
	Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in
		The West, Who's Who in Law, Who's Who in Finance
		Gale's Contemporary Authors
	Lecturer: Archives 2000 (Minneapolis, Minnesota),Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, Youth With A Mission (Hawaii), The Wilson House(Vermont),Conventions of Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholics Victorious, Shepherding the Shepherds, Overcomers Outreach, Inc., The N.E.T. Institute, numerous spiritual retreats for alcoholics and their families
	23 published titles on the History of Alcoholics Anonymous, Its Spiritual Roots, and Its Early Successes Listed in Books in Print and
	60 published articles on this subject:

	American Historical Assn., Alcohol and Temperance History Group, AMERSA,ISAAC, CAPS, Research Society on Alcoholism,COPE,Phi Beta Kappa

Religious, Civic, and Community Activities:
	President: Mill Valley Community Church; Redwoods Retirement Ctr.; Corte Madera Chamber of Commerce, Corte Madera Center Merchants Council,Almonte Improvement Club; Vice President and Secretary, Lions Club of Corte Madera; Director of Almonte District Sanitary Board; Member, Maui Writers Guild; Advisor to God's Way Ministry, Inc., a Christian Church.

Richard J. Kolenda Jr.
Pseudonyms: Richard K.; Richard J. Knight
	Born: Lawrence, Massachusetts, June 4, 1968
	One daughter: Sarah Ann Kolenda (Scanlon)
        10 Primrose Way #8309, Haverhill, MA 01830
	University of Massachusetts (Lowell), 2000-2002
	Northern Essex Community College, 2002
	Central Catholic High School, 1986

	Inventory Manager, Sun Microsystems ,1988-1994; Inventory-Distribution Manager / Analyst, Priority Call Management,1995-1998; Program Analyst / Data Manager, CiviGenics1998-1999. parent corporation of Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. a 6 month rehabilitation program for substance abuse clients in residential and prison settings.

2 published titles on the History of Alcoholics Anonymous and its Spiritual Roots, including documentation and data

Religious and Community Activities:
	Volunteer: Lazarus House for the Homeless, Lawrence, MA; Salvation Army, Haverhill, MA; St. Jude Retreat House, Hagaman, NY;
Counselor, Young Men's Christian Association, Salem, NH

Boy Scouts of America, Methuen, MA: Most decorated Scout in Eastern Massachusetts


Program Sources:
	- History of early Alcoholics Anonymous

Library Sources:
	- The Wilson House, East Dorset, Vermont USA
	- St. Paul's Church, Akron, Ohio USA
	- Good Book Publishing Company, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii USA
	- Golden Text Publishing Company, Haverhill, MA USA 
	- The Callahan-Knipe Research Institute, Haverhill, MA USA

Publications of:
	Paradise Research Publications, Inc; Golden Text Publishing Company; Baker Book House; The Bishop of Books; Glen Abbey Books; Hazelden Publishing
		- 23 titles by Dick B.
		- 3 titles by Richard K.
		- 60 published articles

Public Addresses by officers at:
	- Archives 2000 International Alcoholics Anonymous conference,Minnesota
	- Nationwide Alcoholics Anonymous History Conferences, Phoenix, Delaware
	- Alcoholics Anonymous History conferences and seminars open to the public at Mill Valley, California; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Minneapolis; Covington, Kentucky; 
	- ISAAC, Indian River, Florida
	- N.E.T. Ministries, Okeechobee, Florida
	- Alcoholics Victorious, New Jersey
	- Lutheran Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota
	- YWAM (Youth With a Mission), Hawaii
	- Overcomers,:Florida, Minnesota
	- Overcomers Outreach, Inc., California
	- Research Society on Alcoholism Pre-Conference Workshop, Vancouver, BC
	- Shepherding the Shepherds, Costa Mesa, Caliornia
	- Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens Gate Lodge Opening in Akron.
	- Various Retreats conducted in California, Florida, New York and Wisconsin
	- CLEAR (Coalition for Leadership, Education and Advocacy for Recovery)
	- Wilson House Heritage Serminars, East Dorset, Vermont - 8 seminars.

Bibliography Data Base:
	- Reference: Making Known the Biblical Roots of Early AA, by Dick B.
Multi-Media Dissemination:

		http:/ (pending)

- Cornerstone Television (Christian Television Series)
- Hawaii Community Television (all islands) - 30 one-hour   broadcasted program presentations

Radio Talks:
- 10 radio talk shows, news interviews, specials [Christian and secular]

News Media

Audio/Video Tapes:
- Over 20 sets each
Prison Ministry and Outreach
- Free distribution of A.A. Christian History Books to Facilities.

Intern Training:
- Maui Community Television Network

Prospective Collaborative Partnerships:
- St. Jude Retreat House [a subsidiary of Baldwin Research Institute, New York]
- Rev. Howard Clinebell, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, School of Theology at Claremont,California
- Bill Pittman, Author and Director of Historical Information, Hazelden-Pittman Archives, Minnesota
- Net Training Institute, Orlando, Florida

Memberships of principal leaders:
	- AHA (American Historical Association)
	- ATHG (Alcohol and Temperance History Group)
	- COPE (Coalition of Prison Evangelists)
	- CAPS (Christian Association for Psychological Studies)
	- AMERSA (Association for Medical Education & Research in Substance Abuse)
	- RSA (Research Society on Alcoholism)
	- ISAAC (International Susbstance Abuse and Addictin Coalition)
	- Baldwin Research Institute
Prospective Institutional Collaborative Partnerships:
- University of New Mexico, Department of Psychology
- Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
- Center of Alcohol Studies, Rutgers University, New Jersey
- University of Hawaii
- University of Massachusetts
- Northeastern University, Massachusetts

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