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Calvario Del Horizonte

P.O. Box 6350-87, 6350 • Quepos, Aguirre 6350 • Costa Rica • 011-506-777-2197/see/charmin/CM08141

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Calvario Del Horizonte

We are a group of evangelical believers led by J.Kim Stilwell.
Our mission is to bless the community of Quepos, Costa Rica by
providig Christian and vocational education and trainig for
the young people of this small town. This also means that we are
planting a church and ministering to people of all ages.

Located near the center of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Quepos
has been ravaged by a combiation of the corruption caused by
20 years of tourists from wealthy nations coming here to "party"
and endemic poverty -- "Operation World" says that 1 in 4 people
here live in abject poverty. It is a beautiful coutry with
beautiful people, that needs our Beautiful Saviour, Jesus Christ
and His Beautiful Word.

Contact Info

Calvario Del Horizonte
Central America
Telephone: 011-506-777-0249 or 011-506-777-2197

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