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Traditional Greek Orthodox Church

3908 6th Ave, • Chattanooga, TN 37404 • United States • 423-704-0796/see/charmin/CM08094

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Tradtional Greek Orthodox Church

Welcome to the web page of the raditioal Greek Orthodox Church We hope to see you at Orthro's, espers or Literguy. I am Metropolis Adreas Adriaakos. We are a church belivig ad fair affirmed i the traditios of the Greek Orthodox while still a member of the Orthodox church we are traditioal i that o eglish is used ad oly Greek is spoke.May the Lord Bless you ad keep you i His Holy Name. +Adreas

Times and Locations of service

3702 Grad Ave, Brookly, NY +Rev Midolis
7204 Peachtree Ave Atlata, GA +Rev Seraphim
8511 Balstic Ave Chicago, Ill +Bishop Hartel
1622 Davis Ave Brox, NY +ArchBishop Filos
1102 Dade St Miami, FL +Rev Calibri
524  Rodeo Dr Beverley Hills, CA +Bishop Sarduchia
8801 Maxim Ave Seattle, Washigto +Rev Palosis
808 Mai st Kasas City,MO +Rev Bildokis
7410 Davis Rd Ciciati, OH +Rev Godella
1000 Kig David St, Jerusalum ISRAEL +Bishop Lotokis(Plight of Israel Commuio)
411 Atoio Soata Blvd Rome,Italy +Rev Adrokis(missio to the atica city ad Rome)
8080 Palmero St Athes, Greece +ArchBishop Phildos
401 Asperate Milos +Rev Palo
7008 Gledale dr Phoeix,Az +Rev Aldokis
4120 Machester Alley Lodo,Eglad +Rev Pokolis
100 Lewis way Butte, Mt +Rev Colteki
2250 Colorado Ave Dever, Colorado +Rev Batavia
7555 Dallas St Sa Atoio, X +Rev Haldik
Church HQ (US)
3908 6th Ave Chattaooga, N +Metropolis Adreas
Church HQ (world)
7422 Balstera Way Athes, Greece +Metropolis Adreas
All services are the same i all churches
espers 5pm Saturday
Orthros 11am suday

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