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Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India

Box 26, Rengkai Road • Churachandpur, Manipur 795128 • India • (91) 3874 235599/see/charmin/CM08077

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Sending Native Missionary

"Preach the Gospel to every creation" (Mark 16:15) This mission is registered under Section 7 (1) of the Manipur Societies Registration Act, 1989 (Manipur Act No. 1of 1990) on the 22nd August 2002 in the name: Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India (HMAI). The main objective of this mission is to send missionaries among the backward people in India and the neighboring countries. Therefore, in recruiting missionaries, the native Christians will be given first priority. This mission has no income of its own, and it is entirely depending of God to work through responsible Christians to join hands in supporting our missionaries. We know that indigenous missionaries are very effective in spreading the gospel and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ around the world. They are believers with "home field advantage," being able to identify with the people in language, culture, and surroundings. They live amongst their own people sharing the love of Christ in their native language and culture in the ways that foreigners find very difficult. Therefore, we should participate to reach the unreached at all means. An individual or the Church can participate to reach the unreached through this mission by becoming a member or regular donor as follows:- (i) Gold Membership fee US $. 1,000.00 (ii) Patron Membership fee US $. 500.00 (iii) Memorial Membership fee US $. 200.00 (In memory of their deceased family or their loved ones as a continuation of the Lord's ministry on their behalf). (iv) Life Membership fee US $. 100.00 (v) Annual Membership fee US $. 10.00 (vi) Missionary Support fund: US $. 10.00, 20.00, 50.00 and so on (monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly). (vii)Missionary Sponsorship US $. 50.00, 100.00, 200.00, 250.00, 300.00 and above (monthly), pledge by a individual or the Church or as a group. Anyone who becomes a member of Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India will receive a free video (VCD) sermon. To become a member please send your check to The Finance Secretary, Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India, P.O. Box 26, Churachandpur - 795128, Manipur, India.

Seminary Students and Needy Child Sponsorship

Support Bible Students ad Needy Children: There are may people who are interested to work ad involve in the ministry. Therefore, this mission is planning to prepare sponsorship of Bible student now and in future. Our missionaries and missionary applicants are also to be included under this project according to their necessity. They will at least be sending to some Missionary Training Centers for a short-term course. Besides, there are also numerous needy children for their schooling among these backward people groups. This mission also plans to raise funds for the development of these needy children. Don't you love children happy ad smiling? There are 70 million children living in India below the subsistence level who have o reason to smile. There are 13 million homeless children ad 1.1 million street children. 142 out of 1000 children fewer than five years die every year in India (as against 9 out of 1000 in nations like Germany/France). 1 out of every 6 girls does not live to see her 12th birthday. 4 out of 5 children ever enter a school. The estimated India child population is 400 million. 11,000 children die every day of easily preventable diseases. According to the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau only 10% of India children have normal nutrition. 2 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys are victims of sexual abuse. There are 10 million bonded child laborers. (-Report in Forerunner Sept. `98 as per UNICEF news) May thousands of these needy children die every day - victims of poverty and neglect. May who escape death, however, carry deep scars of huger, sickness, ad abuse. May ever have the chance to go to school. Is there hope for these children? These very children ca be saved for a better life through services in nutrition, health care, ad education leading to a integrated development. It is an urgent need that we who are better placed in life led a helping had in reaching these less fortunate ones. As Christians, we cannot turn away. Jesus commands us to reach out i love - not just with words but also with action. Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India ca offers a better future to the needy children through different programs. If you are shocked and saddened by the facts, would you not like to be involved in the efforts of Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India to add value to a child's life, promising him or her a better future? Be a sponsor to a needy child through Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India by contributing US $ 10.00 per moth will help change a child's life. He/She will be able to attend school. The child will receive school clothing, books, and supplies. Health care ad supplementary food also will be providing, as needed. We urge you to reach out to a child today itself. You may also correspond with your child ad develop a warm and very rewarding personal relationship. Please do not delay. Return the coupon below and help one child. LET YOUR HEART BE TOUCHED BY THE NEEDS OF AN INNOCENT CHILD! One child is waiting just for you - Would you like to see this child happy and smiling? REACH OUT TO ONE OF THEM TODAY By donating: Lj US $ 10.00 (every month) Lj US $ 30.00 (quarterly) Lj US $ 60.00 (half yearly) Lj US $ 120.00 (yearly) You can send your donation by check/bank draft (in favor of Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India) to: The Finance Secretary, Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India, P.O. Box 26, Churachandpur - 795128, Manipur, India. Or, you can just send your donation directly by mail transfer through any bank to: Name of Bank: Central Bank of India, Imphal City (Loitang Khunou) Branch, Bank Address: Imphal - 795002, Manipur, India. Name of Bank Account: Hill-tribes' Mission Aid of India, Account Number: CD/43 IBAN Code: LOITAN (If you send donation through mail transfer please inform us through e-mail to Yes, I will sponsor a Child, please send me a child picture (boy/girl) Enclosed here with is a check/bank draft for US $ for the first moth/three moths/six moths/one year US $ 10.00 per moth. Can not Sponsor, but want to give US $ .. as a Donation. If you send donation through mail transfer please inform us through e-mail to Mr./Ms./Rev./Dr. Address:

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