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Wells Temple Youth Outreach Ministry

380 NW 20 Terrace, • Pompano Beach, FL 33060 • United States • 954-970-8177/see/charmin/CM08073

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Youth News: Focus On The Youth Conference 2004

This year's Conference focuses on "Helping The Youth Of Today Become Leaders Of Tomorrow. <> Topics For Discussion Includes: <> Family Life- Church - School/Education - Health - Social Life - Career & Finance <> When: Friday, July 30 & Saturday, July 31 Times: 7/30 6:00 pm Session I (Classroom Sessions) 7/31 8:00 am Session II(Panelist Discussion + Q&A) Where: Wells Temple Church Of God In Christ Elder Paul Wells, Sr. Pastor 380 NW 20 Terrace, Pompano Bch. FL 33060 Phone: 954-970-8177 Cost: Free (No Registration Required) For More Information Contact: Sis. Jacqueline M. Wells, Youth President/Conference Coordinator @ 754-214-0199 or Min. Patrick V. Wells, Visionary @ 954-822-7562

This Conference is opened to all youth groups

YOU DON"T WANT TO MISS THIS GREAT EVENT. Come let's confer as we talk to the youth of our communities about everyday issues that they face in life. A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels Proverbs 1:5

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