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New Life International Outreach Ministries

1802 West Kem Road, 402 West 4th Street • Marion, IN 46952 • United States • 765-651-8421/see/charmin/CM08070

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Our goal is to show the Love of Jesus Christ, and provide the abused and battered victims with information they can use to either get out of the abuse they are currety in or get help from other abused victims. To make women understand that they are not weak because they stay in a abusive relatioship. But you have someone that care and understand your pain, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Violece agaist children seem to rise and more and more we see fatherless children. This is also a ministry that have programs to help these children. Many of our youth is livig on the Street, WE CAN HELP! You need to know you are not alone. If you are in need of help contact

If you would like to help New Life Ministries

If you would like to help this miistry in any way, you may call 765-651-8421. We are in need of the followig items, food, clothes and trainpotion. And please kindly pray for us as we do the work of the Lord. Thank You.

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