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In His STeps Lifestyle Develoment

1901 E. 37th, Suite 209 • Odessa, TX 79762 • United States • 432-553-2051/see/charmin/CM08063

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iN His Steps Lifestyle Ministires

Aouceig -The Establishmet of N.H.S. (iNHisSteps) Life Style Developmet A Therapo Couselig System utilizig Belief Therapy

With 30 years experiece as a Pastor ad 6 years as a Professioal Couselor it is Michael Vestal's pla to establish a Couselig Ceter i the Midlad/Odessa Area. As a Licesed Belief Therapist alog with his Traiig as a Faith Based Couselor, he has developed life-chagig Biblically based programs to assist idividuals ad groups. 1. *"To Have ad To Hold" Marriage Erichmet Workshops to ecourage couples i developig Strog ad Stroger Relatioships by teachig Commuicatioal Skills ad applyig Scriptural Priciples. 2. *"M.F.L." is a Marriage Support Program to ecourage couples eve after the workshop; 3. *"Marriage Therapy", persoal couselig to assist couples through troubled times(I March, two couples completed the Therapy program, who were o the edge of divorceboth are ow o their way to a healthy marriage); 4. *"Help for Hurtig Parets", 10 week program to assist parets who are havig difficulty with their childre or desires additioal traiig i Paretig. 5. *"Ager Resolutio" Workshop that ot oly helps idetify the root of ager but provide solutios to resolve the ager. (Workshop ad Support Groups) 6. *"Christia Life Bible Istitute" A Systematic Bible Study Degree Program ecompassig over 70 courses through the Bible. 7. *"Couselig ad Therapy" He has hudreds of hours of couselig experiece with all ages idividuals i helpig them to work through the followig Issues ad others. "Dealig with Divorce whe you did't wat it"; Marriage ad Family Issues; Ager Resolutio; Helpig childre deal with icest i their family; Grief Therapy; Helpig Youth uderstad their ager ad other emotios; Dealig with the guilt of abortio; Helpig bi-polar idividuals; Dealig with egative paretal ifluece i the lives of adults; Co-depedecy; Addictio; Life's difficulties ca be helped through Belief Therapy that origiates from the Priciples of God's Word. Whe Idividuals realize that God ca help them i their difficult problems though His Word ad proper guidace, they ca move o i life ad become fulfilled i their Faith. "I kow i this time i which we live, that you ca see the great beefit i this type of Miistry i helpig hurtig Idividuals. It is my desire to be a assistace to the Miistries ad Churches of the West Texas Area i providig Needed Alterative to Secular Couselig." I truly welcome your correspodece ad iquiry Michael Vestal, Th.G., L.B.T., C.C.M.F.T. 1901 E. 37th Odessa, Texas 79762 432-553-2051

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