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World Missionary Evangelistic Ministries

322 South Trenton Avenue, 15 BP 879 Abj.15 Rep.Cote D'Ivoire • Pittsburgh, PA 15221 • United States • 412 519- 4673/see/charmin/CM08062

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Arise and go.

We are a Missis group that has been serving the Lord for the past ten years in Africa,and recently in Europe,and w in America. We have two Mission Churches in two atis f Africa.We have three Missi Outreaches i three atis i Africa,ad Switzerlad. We have a visi t reach the ureached parts f the wrld befre the great retur f ur Lrd esus. We are als it writig bks especially missis,t assist thse wh may wat t g it the fields f missis,especially Africa but wh d t have adequate ifrmati "Hw t",ad wh d t eve kw where ad hw t reach thse far atis.We are here t assist. I Afrcia we are wrkig i the war-tr Ivry Cast cutry,where we witess peple killed,pregat wme peed,their babies thrw it thi air,their bld sucked.Me slaughtered like gats.Ad s .Des this mve yu?.Yes;it shuld!.Because Gd wat yu t reach thse kids f atis with His Wrd.

Wake Up call.

Have yu heard?.That Gd is callig me ad Wme frm everywhere i the wrld t g fr Him?. Yet,the Church is still sleepg,ad Preachers f the gspel sittig back Fat Sfas t ejy pleasures f life. Have yu heard thet atis are risig agaist atis w tha ever befre?.Our territries a visited with vilece ad terrrism. Yet i the face f this the Church is t ccered with prayig fr chage. Gd is callig yu t ji us as we wrk fr Him t reach atis.Tgether,we ca d wders. We serve Churches.By this we mea ruig Missis Awareess fr Churches ad Christia Orgaisati wh wish t challege their cgregatis fr missis.Peple are tired f beig held fr s lg bieg members f a church.They wat t g ut. If yu eed us,we will cme t challege yur grup.This is abslutely free f charge.As yu d this yu will be verwhelmed hw yur Miistry ad Church will take a differet tur. Gd callig yu w.Wake Up! ad G!!. Ctact us w: US:Pittsburh,PA.;412 519-4673. Seegal:Dakar;+221 824-31-16 Ivry Cast:Aidja;+225 22 44.49.80,+225 Gd bless yu. Fr the Dept: Apstle BULUS Elias Directr f Missis. Africa/Eurpe. Pittsburgh,PA. USA.

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