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H.NO.5-1-24/2 SANTHINAGAR, • SANGAREDDY , A.P 502001 • India • 91-9440362250/see/charmin/CM07994

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Greetigs to you i the Name of our Lord ad Saviour Jesus Christ , who had paid great Price by sheddig His Precious Blood for us to save ad mae us His redeemed childre.We are glad that you are servig the Lord Jesus with whole heart ad obeyig His commadmet of proclaimig the word of the Gospel uto the usaved.

My ame is Emmauel, I accepted Jesus Christ i the year of 1980, I cofessed my sis ad became His child by His Grace . The Lord has put i my heart great burde to serve i His igdom to share the Gospel amog the ureached people. I ad my wife with two childre the Lord is usig us amog the remote places. The Lord had promised us from Hosea 10 : 12 "Brea up your fallow groud" i other words the Gospel should be preached uto the places where the goodews ot yet reached. The Lord had put burde i our heart ad we are goig to the remote places ad preachig the love of God ad Salvatio by His grace by coductig meetigs, particularly amog the childre i the remote villages. The Lord is usig us may ways, how greatful is He i helpig us ad usig us, least ad useless vessels for His glory. I request you to pray for us ad support i this great miistry as the Lord leads you. Please covey our salutatios to you ad your fellow believers ad saits. With your aticipatio. Thaig you, Yours i His grace, P. Emmauel ad ruth.

                      H. No. 5-1-24/2,
                      Sathiagar, Sagareddy 502001, A.P., Idia.

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