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St. Catherine of Alexandria Youth Group

4100 W. 107th St., • Oak Lawn, IL 60453 • United States • 1-708-425-2850/see/charmin/CM07961

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Teen Club News

"Thak You!" to the tees who helped place the iserts i the bulleti o Friday, April 16th. Also, thak you to all the tees who helped at the Matle o April 24th. Your work was greatly appreciated.

Up-coming Events

MAY 15th-LITURGICAL TRAINING- for Eucharistic Miisters ad Lectors to be held at St. Stephes for high school age studets who have received Cofirmatio ad have displayed a willigess ad a desire to serve the parish commuity. MAY 23rd-TEEN MASS at 6:00 PM- i the church. Ayoe who would like to help pla this mass is asked to come to a meetig o Suday, May 16th, at 6:00 PM i Kae Hall. All tees ad curret 8th graders are ivited. JUNE 1st-(Tuesday)SOFTBALL begis- your coaches will cotact you regardig schedules. JUNE 30th-(Wedesday)EEP RIVER WATERPARK TRIP- the cost will be $10.00 for admissio plus trasportatio. Cost will be determied based o participatio. JULY 16th & 17th-(Fri. & Sat.) RELAY FOR LIFE-(Overight) For more iformatio, please call 1-(708)-636-4322 JULY 28th-(Wedesday) GREAT AMERICA TRIP- Cost will be $24.50 plus trasportatio. -->Adult voluteers are welcome ad eeded for all activities.

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