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Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre.

Elathagiri-Post,, Krishnagiri-Dist, • Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu 635108 • India • 91-4343-268249

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with the compassion of Christ. is a Idia Christia Natioal NGO, with aims ad objectives of servig the humaity, irrespective of their, caste,creed or commuity backgroud; but to serve with the compassio of Christ. ethel is situated i Krishagiri-District, i the state of Tamiladu , south Idia.This is the most back ward ad most uder-developed regio i the coutry.It is 4 years sice ttthe rais weted the lad.Thhhe 84% rural people who deped upo the daily wages eared by workig i farms of lad owers ow suffer eve for drikig water. U-emplpymet, illiterecy poverty lead the youth to extreem crims.

Projects that need support financially.

ethel is ruig a orphaage, eeds ew buildigs, furitures ad equipmets ad staff salary. ethel is costructiog ew buildigs that eed fuds. ethel is plaig for a vocatioal traiig. ethel is plaig for a micro-loa project for the developmet of wome to help them ear a livig by establishig their ow eterprise.

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